In what may just be the least shocking news ever, it seems that there are still fans of Jon & Kate Plus 8 who walk among us.  Well fan.  Singular.  And it’s Kate Gosselin herself.  Color me surprised!

The former reality mom turned fifteen minutes of fame diva recently tweeted, “Wow. We all agreed: we miss our show&the adventures and huge opportunities to help and entertain :)others! Why am I watching and crying??!:)”  My guess is she’s crying because she’s no longer on television, but I could be totally wrong about that!


“We are watching the St Jude’s episode… I am crying… Happy and sad tears.. Old episodes of Jon&Kate+8 warms our hearts…,” Kate wrote.  Wow, she must really be jonesing for another shot of reality spotlight if she’s willing to watch ex-husband and sometimes nemesis Jon in reruns.  I wonder if she cringes like I used to at the way she spoke to him…

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