The National Geographic Channel (thank goodness they stopped trying to make “Nat Geo” stick) is introducing a new series that promises to be equal parts The Godfather, Jersey Shore, and The Sopranos.  The show, American Gypsies, sounds like it will be entirely amazing, given that it’s produced by none other than everyone favorite martial arts underdog, Daniel-san Ralph Macchio.  When does it start??

Ralph tells the Huffington Post, “This is a fascinating subculture that exists right here in New York. I was astounded by some of the customs and what I would call unorthodox choices and traditions, but [they were] kind of relatable in a way with me being from a Greek-Italian-American family. They have strong beliefs and family comes first — this story needed to be told.”


The Karate Kid pitched his show to several networks before it was picked up by National Geographic.  Because he found his subjects so interesting, he considered changing his vision into a documentary if no networks wanted to commit.  Luckily for us, National Geographic took the bait.

“This is where television is now, it’s entertainment.  This is ‘The Sopranos’ meets ‘Jersey Shore,’ but these are the real people,” Ralph says. “We didn’t cast Snooki and The Situation. This is the family, it’s like ‘The Godfather.’ We have Sonny Corleone, we have Michael, we have Fredo. And that’s one of my favorite films of all time. One could agree there is very little reality in reality television. You are force-fed what you are supposed to believe is actual. That’s frustrating. In our show, the Johns family is the Johns family.”

I think it’s safe to say that I am going to love anything that involves Ralph Macchio!  Fun fact, he’s Melissa Gorga cousin.  Don’t believe me?   Check her twitter!  You know she’s going to be inviting him to Thanksgiving if this show is a success…

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