On last night’s Big Ang, we were treated to house parties and dog shows, with a little emergency care mixed in for good measure.

Ang takes Louis to be groomed.  He is adorable, but he turns into a little gremlin when they put the hairdryer on him.  He’s trying to bite people left and right.  Ang needs Louis to be a beautiful pooch because she’s planning to enter him in a dog show.

Janine was able to get Ang her dream house, but moving and Big Ang don’t get along.  Lil Jen is helping her get settled, but her stuff seems to be multiplying.  As Jen says, Ang has enough furs to start a zoo.


It’s time to enroll Louis in the dog show, and Ang is disappointed to learn that Louis won’t be judged on looks alone.  He is going to need to respond to commands and be well trained.  Um.  Louis takes this news by pooping on the floor.  He’s going to need a lot of work.

At the Drunken Monkey, Ang is telling bartender Franky about her upcoming housewarming party.  She regales him with a story of her last housewarming where she fell on the toilet brush holder in the bathroom and walked back into her soiree not realizing she was covered in blood.  Ang had to get several stitches in her bum, and it was completely mortifying…although not mortifying enough to keep her from telling Franky.  She reveals to him that she wants to set him up with her friend.  Franky is excited, but of course Ang failed to mention to young Franky that his set-up is sixty-five years old!

Louis has his first training lesson.  I think he’s got this in the bag if he’s judged on marking his territory.  The poor little guy doesn’t really excel at walking, but he’s surprisingly good at the obstacle course.  The dog training lady’s face is priceless when she tries to get Ang to be more stern when giving Louis his commands.

It’s time for Ang’s housewarming party, and it is a giant group of drunken old people…and Franky.  Ang points Franky in the direction of his sixty-five-year old.  Wow.  Just wow.  He’s willing to play along, feeding Sandy champagne from the bottle and following her out to the jacuzzi.  This woman then strips down to her bra and underwear.  No one needs to see that!  Franky follows her lead and gets in the hot tub wearing only boxer briefs.  Sandy is grinding on Franky and trying desperately hard to kiss him on the mouth.  When she can’t land her target, she tries to get out of the jacuzzi and falls flat on her face.  It’s a good thing the entire party has been watching them through the window.

Sandy’s arm seems to be bleeding, and Ang declares it broken.  She needs to go to the hospital, but she is more upset about missing the rest of the party.  Ang drapes Sandy’s unclothed self in a zebra blanket, belts it, and points her in the direction of the ambulance.  Once Sandy is whisked away, the revelers toast to her absence.  The party must go on!

A different Sandy comes over to drink with Ang.  She’s a plumber, and she comes over to check on Ang’s sink.  Pre-plumbing work (which just requires Sandy to turn on the water), the ladies relax with white wine and shots of Patron.  Who are these people?  Plumber Sandy reveals to Ang that old Sandy thought her stitches were well worth the fun she had with Franky.  Again, who are these people?  Seriously!

It’s the day of the dog show, and Louis can’t do any of the obstacles.  Ang is hoping he’ll at least excel in beauty.   Here’s hoping he doesn’t pee on anything.  Louis shocks everyone by walking like a champion.  He wins first place for beauty, and Ang is beside herself at his tiny trophy.

Next week, Ang and her girlfriends head to Flordia.  She decides it’s imperative that she buys a condo.


[Photo Credit: VH1]


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