Kim Kardsahian of former sex tape fame is always claiming she’s so embarrassed by the tape while simultaneously admitting it’s made her famous. Well now that the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star is in a very public – and very paparazzi-ized -relationship with Kanye West, rumors are the couple wants to share everything – and I mean EVERYTHING with the media!

According to Star Magazine (via their print edition), Kanye is very proud of his girlfriend’s infamous ass-sets and is always looking to get them featured.


Kanye “always tells Kim that she should showcase her amazing body whenever possible,” a friend of the couple’s reveals. So much so that HE is  interested in capturing their sexytimes for all the world to see by making a sex tape! He “swears that their filmed fornication will be art, not porn.” I guess he is sort of a narcissist!

Kim is reportedly “horrified” by the idea and insists she’s “still trying to live down” her first on-film indiscretion! Gossip Cop is refuting the story, claiming a source close to the couple calls the rumor “stupid.” I wouldn’t be surprised if they staged a series of nude photos in the name of art, though!

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