Jon Gosselin was crying himself a river this week, telling anyone who’d listen that he was so broke and couldn’t pay his rent because his child support was so high.  Well, turns out Jon was full of crap, as Kate waived his child support months ago!

After reading the story about Jon’s money woes, Kate’s attorney reached out to the media to say that he was whining over nothing because he doesn’t have to pay a DIME in support anymore for his kids!


Her attorney shared: “I read Jon’s statement on and was quite surprised to read that he claims to be struggling to keep his child support payments current. As of April 27, 2012, Kate voluntarily relieved Jon of all current and future child support obligations for their eight children. ”

The amount that Jon is bellyaching about having to pay is actually the amount he was in arrears prior to April 27th.  “Currently, he is only paying a small amount on arrears for support that was not paid prior to the April date when she dropped support. Those payments will soon end meaning that Kate is the sole supporter of the parties’ children.”

Someone needs to have a chat with Kate Gosselin.  I know she’s saving nine million dollars a month clipping coupons and blogging about it, but she’s gone mad.  There’s no reason that Jon shouldn’t have to contribute in SOME way to financially help out with his kids.  I don’t care how much money she makes vs. what he makes.

I have this feeling the two of them are in cahoots to launch a reality show featuring their life apart and showing how they co-parent post-divorce.


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