It was a divorce made in TMZ-heaven for former Real Housewives of DC White House crashers and total wackies Michaele and Tareq Salahi, but the notorious famewhores have finally and officially ended their tumultuous marriage!

Aaaaahhh… remember the good ol’ days of their crazy antics? Michaele has finally flown the coop and is now legally permitted to marry Journey guitarist Neal Schon (Yeah, those two publicity seekers are still together!) – hopefully they won’t be purchasing anymore lingerie in front of the waiting eyes of the paparazzi they hired!

Anyway, Michaele and Tareq resolved things. “I am thrilled with the resolution of this case and to close this chapter in my life and now move forward in a positive manner,” Tareq told E! News.


“I always maintained that my claims were valid and eventually they would be recognized as such. I wish Michaele the best,” Tareq lied added.

Tareq attempted to extort sue his “groupie slut” ex-wife and Neal for $50M over a whole host of bogus claims including that they ruined potential income for him. A VA judge threw out the suit a couple of times, but Tareq’s money-seeking ways held up the finalizing of the divorce.

Apparently Tareq is satisfied with the ‘go away’ money offered by Micahele aka Neal and has finally agreed to move on to other famewhores looking for some time in the reality TV sun! Maybe he can date Kim G?!


“The confidential settlement in the suits against Journey, Neal Schon and Michaele was a win for all concerned,” Tareq’s attorney, Charles B. Roberts remarked. “It allows for more clarity as Mr. Salahi’s case moves forward. We are now asking the circuit court judge to reconsider the case against DD Entertainment, the Hollywood agent formerly shared by Mr. Salahi and then wife Michaele, and now by her and Neal Schon.”

Yes, yes – while Tareq has agreed to stop persisting in his frivolous lawsuit against Neal and Micahele he is now going after his former agent, a one Ms. Gina Rodriguez, whom Tareq claims withheld information about the terms of Michaele fleeing from their marriage which in turn cost Tareq money. Did Tareq even have money to lose? Guess he thinks so!

Neal is also satisfied with the terms of their settlement, with a rep for Journey telling TMZ, “Neal Schon and Journey are very pleased with the resolution of all legal issues and claims involving Mr. Salahi.”

“While a judge previously dismissed Mr. Salahi’s claims on two separate occasions, all matters have now been finally resolved.” Michaele is apparently “very pleased” to finally rid herself of her captor husband.

Well, congrats Michaele. Hopefully we won’t see your wedding to Neal on TV, because really – nobody cares!

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