Just a few short months after Kieffer Delp sold topless photos of girlfriend Jenelle Evans, Jenelle is dealing with a new photo scandal. Yes, more nude photos of the Teen Mom star have surfaced. This time, James Duffy, Jenelle’s former boss, is responsible and the photos are much more revealing. Jenelle has denied ever being in a relationship with Duffy, so how did he get his hands on such personal photos?

Jenelle insists they were stolen from Kieffer‘s cell phone.

“Those r old pics from Kieffer’s cell phone Duffy stole,” Jenelle tweeted. “Those pics are from BEFORE I even met Duffy.”


Jenelle is embarrassed and lashing out at Duffy on Twitter.  “Leave me the f**k alone, PLEASE,” she tweeted. “I hope u die. I’m so upset. I tried to stay strong…”

Nobody deserves to have their privacy violated like this. But, perhaps Jenelle should stop posing nude… at least until she’s in a steady committed relationship forever.

As you can imagine, being Jenelle Evans is a stressful gig. This latest scandal led to Jenelle becoming violently ill.

“Been throwing up all night and day,” Jenelle posted on Sulia. “Went to the hospital at 8 am and just got out.” She exaggerates continues, “I was extremely dehydrated and had to get 2 IV bags becuz I was so dehydrated my face was WHITE, not tan anymore 🙁 I’m all better now! :)”

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What’s next for the Teen Mom star? Jenelle wants to regain custody of Jace, of course.  Jenelle’s mother Barbara Evans isn’t letting Jenelle see Jace right now because he’s recovering from surgery, and Jenelle is understanding livid and handling it privately ranting about it on her website.

“I’m so upset with my mom,” Jenelle wrote. “Everyone always claims I don’t try hard enough when it comes to me spending time with Jace, you’re wrong! I just called her this morning 8 times before she actually answered and she said that Jace had a surgery yesterday and I can’t spend time with him again until FRIDAY. Like what the f*ck?! He had a surgery and you couldn’t even tell me so if something went wrong during the surgery I wouldn’t be there?! Thanks a lot.”

Jenelle goes on to list the reasons why she deserves custody:

“I go to school, work 3 jobs online at home, took volunteer parenting classes… completed 12 months probation and was sober for 8 months of that period.” Oh, Janelle. What about the other four months?

She continues, “AND took anger management classes. Also, I’ve been seeing my psychiatrist regularly and taking my medication for my bi-polar disorder as prescribed.”

“I don’t know,” Jenelle wrote. “I’m very furious and frustrated, but I guess I’ll have to wait until my expungement goes through for my criminal record and then I’ll be able to fight for custody.”

Jenelle promises she’s going to take legal action against Barbara. She ends her rant with, “As for now, this custody battle is a waiting game until I can file for a complaint against my mother and take her to court.”

I can hear Barbara now, “Well, Juhhnellle, you and ya scummy boyyyfriend need to stop being nakkkked all the time before ya can even think about raising that baby. And, the weed, Juhhnellle! Stop smokin’ the weed! Ya don’t need a baby, ya need jumpa cables for yer caarrr.”


Photo credit: Twitter

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