Another day brings another American Idol  judge casting rumor.  This time, we have none other than Kanye West in the running for one of the empty seats at the table.

Reportedly the big wigs contacted Kanye to see if they stood any chance of landing him, and according to TMZ, he’s intrigued.   He’s not 100% sure if it’s his thing and then there’s the little issue of money.  Kanye wants to be paid the same amount as Mariah Carey ($18 million for those of you who forgot that staggering figure already), if not more!


This one has me scratching my head a little. Other than the huge payday, I don’t see any real motivation for him to join.  He gets enough media attention (even before he was dating the daily press staple Kim Kardashian), his career is still on fire, and let’s face it – he doesn’t always play well with others.

Can the producers of American Idol just make their final decisions already so we can be done with this nonsense? I’ve lost track of the dozens of famous names tossed about as possibilities.  If this is the only way your show is getting press and stirring up excitement, it’s time to call it quits.

Do you get excited when the rumors fly? Or do you get irritated over all of the speculation?  It seems to be a “thing” with prime time reality competitions – Dancing with the Stars, Bachelor, etc.  Maybe I’m just impatient and hate all the suspense building.

[Photo Credit: WENN]


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