It's been a rough couple of days for Real Houswives of Orange County's Tamra Barney.  The outspoken Bravolebrity is in the hospital recovering from emergency surgery.  Very scary!  What she suspected was ulcer pain turned out to be a very problematic hernia. 

Before calling 9-1-1, Tamra took to Twitter to share her pain, tweeting, "Sh*t here we go again, think its time to see a doctor? Severe pain in upper stomach after drinking coffee. Ulcer maybe?"  Thankfully the ambulance came before she could fire off any more tweets.


Thankfully, and I mean this with zero sarcasm, Tamra is healing well from her emergency surgery.  Also, thankfully (and you can read in a little sarcasm there if you'd like!), Tamra was able to give an interview to the National Enquirer from her hospital bed regarding the frightening ordeal.

Tamra reveals, “For the past month or so, I thought what I had was maybe an ulcer, every once in a while I would get these excruciating pains but they would go away, on Monday night they didn’t.  It was around 7pm Monday [August 27] Eddie [Judge] was gone to a meeting and I was home alone sitting on the couch drinking a cup of coffee when a sharp pain hit me like a ton of bricks; at first I thought it would go away, but it didn’t."

She describes the immense pain, saying, “Within in minutes I was doubled over, it was the worst pain I’ve ever suffered in my life, it was 100 times more painful than childbirth.  I could barely talk when I called 911… an ambulance came within minutes and rushed me to the hospital."

Continuing, Tamra tells the tabloid, “At the hospital doctors first thought I had a perforated ulcer, but what they found after conducting some tests, was much more complex, a hernia the size of a dollar in my abdomen wall that my bowels were entering through."

Tamra's surgery started at 2am and lasted nearly three hours.  While her doctors are still unsure of the diagnosis, Tamra is grateful that she is no longer in pain…and she's very glad that she hadn't already left for vacation with Eddie

“Doctors told me that if I had waited much longer I could have lost half of my bowel or worse,” adds Tamra.

She is expected to be released on her birthday this Sunday.  We here at RT wish Tamra a full and speedy recovery!


[Photo Credit: Twitter]


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