Giuliana and Bill Rancic's lives have been an open book even before they started documenting their marriage on their hit reality show Giuliana and Bill.  She is a long time E! correspondent, and he is a past Apprentice winner and public speaker.  Also, given that Giuliana considers the ultimate fame mongering reality persona to be her second mother, it's only natural everything she and her husband do involve a camera crew.

Giuliana shared her struggles with infertility with her fans, as well as her battle with breast cancer.  However, when the couple's son was born via gestational surrogate, they didn't allow the cameras in to film the birth.  Instead they opted to video the birth themselves so they could have it for their personal footage. 


Flash forward a few months, and they have reconsidered not sharing their special moment with their fans.  Radar Online reports that their home video of son Duke's birth will be featured on the upcoming seaon of their show. 

Giuliana shares, “This is our sixth season and people have followed our story for years."

She continues, "To have people praying for you and supporting you and wanting the best for you and wanting you to have this baby so badly, and then to say, ‘Thanks for all your prayers, thanks for your support, we’re not showing the baby.’ That’s wrong.”

Duke was born on August 29, and Giuliana took three months maternity leave before returning to work to cover the Emmys.  She is also launching a breast cancer detection campaign.  Of course, nothing compares to time with her boys.  Giluliana says, “We just love to be in bed with him. We watch him breathe, we play with him … we are enamored. And Duke loves when Bill’s holding him giving him a bath. He gives him these great head rubs and Duke closes his eyes every time Bill rubs his head. He just loves him.”

I am excited for the new family, and while I understand their reasoning to share the birth with their fans, it was nice to think that they were keeping somethings private.  I think their fans would have totally respected that decision given everything they've been through.  The new season of Giuliana and Bill starts tomorrow night on the Style Network.


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