Somebody really, really doesn't like "that Palin daughter" (to quote my friend Liz). Apparently Bristol Palin was dancing her sequined butt-off for rehearsal of Dancing With The Stars All Stars when a "suspicious package" arrived. 

At first Bristol was all like, 'For me?! I have a fan! Happy Day!' but then Bristol realized she no likeied by anyone because the package contained a note demanding Bristol be removed from the set! Spurned former DWTS loser, perhaps? Perhaps someone that actually deserved to be in the final three last time but was beat when weirdo Palin-lovers clogged the phone lines voting in vain to redeem their fallen idol, Sarah?!

Sources report to TMZ that a note was attached to a "white-powdery package" and the note read (in paraphrase): "This is what will happen to you if Bristol Palin stays on [the show]."


I'm not sure if that implies that someone will start doing cocaine or that bombs will go off – or maybe the powder was supposed to represent snow and a blizzard will come that ships Bristol back to Alaska. Whatever the case, law enforcement was contacted and they are treating the situation as serious. The white powder was determined to be "harmless" but police are still investigating. 

A similar thing happened the first time Bristol danced with the stars when she also received an on-set package containing a threat. Fear not though rabid fans and detractors alike, Bristol is so not giving up her dancing shoes! She will dance on, she will dance to inspire all of us to fight adversity!

And Bristol will dance, because well, what else has she got going on?

[Photo Credit: ABC]

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