As if you thought Lifetime would ever cancel its cash cow…Abby Lee Miller will be back and likely meaner than ever for yet another season of Dance Moms.  Love her or hate her, I adore the girls and can't believe the amount of talent they have.  I am over the moon to see the show return. 

It's a true hit for Lifetime, spawning two spin-offs: Dance Moms: Miami and the recently premiered Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition which allows young girls to be ridiculed and berated by Abby while only garnering a few short minutes of screen time.  It's the American Dream I tell you, the American Dream!


Here's a confession–I really, really wanted to be a dancer growing up, but it wasn't in the cards (who knew rhythm was important?).  Given I was also a "special" child (read: weird), I made my sweet mother buy ribbon to lace up my legs for all my dance recitals so it would look like I was wearing toe shoes.  This is embarrassing on many levels because, well, I was five, and all the sweet girls in my dance class are likely still looking at recital pictures and wondering about that poor uncoordinated sap with the ribbon fetish.

Here's another confession–I fought Dance Moms tooth and nail.  It wasn't until I was told I would be recapping it that I got what the buzz was about.  For "research purposes" (also known as not wanting to be called out by true fans), I watched the past season to get a feel for the show.  I was hooked.  I am hooked.  I LOVE these girls, I love laughing at their mothers, and I love cringing at Abby.  It's a vicious, yet perfect, cycle.

That cycle isn't likely to change given the ratings for the show.  In its time slot, Dance Moms was the highest rated "unscripted" (yeah, right!) program among women according to Deadline.  The series has also been steadily gaining viewership since its first season (I'm proof of that!) and locked in a younger demographic than when it originally began to air.  With those statistics, Lifetime would be foolish to pull the plug on the hit…but wlll any of the moms?  The network has order twenty-six episodes of the series. 


[Photo Credit: Lifetime]


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