Tonight is the season finale for the Real Housewives of Miami. I'm kinda surprised there's less hype because the show has had a lot of drama and the ratings have been OK. 

Speaking of drama on last week's episode everyone continued to talk about Karent Sierra's suspect relationship with Rodolfo. In light of Alexia Echevarria revealing the cheating allegation, Karent and Joanna Krupa decided to expose a rumor about Alexia's own marriage! Joanna dished that the local gossip is it that Alexia's husband Herman is gay! 

Lea Black dismissed the rumor as untrue and Alexia is also speaking out claiming they were just being vindictive. And Alexia has a lot to say about how horrible Joanna and Karent are! 

"I was hurt and disgusted when I saw Karent and Joanna trying to stir up nonsense about my relationship of 13 years with my husband, Herman. Herman is an exceptional man, human being, husband, and father, which is more than they can say about their men," Alexia writes in her Bravo blog.


"Like every marriage, it's not perfect and we have had our share of problems, but never in the sex department. I dare these women bring up this nonsense with no validity at such a fragile time like this in my life — seriously? Try again, girls." 

Alexia also reveals that in Miami everyone is the subject of a gay rumor – even Romain and Rodolfo! "I was hurt and disgusted, but not surprised or offended about the comment, because it was coming from them and we live in Miami. I'm used to it! It's funny how everyone thinks everyone is gay here. As a matter of fact, I've heard those same gay rumors about Rodolfo and Romain," Alexia reveals.

"I must say, it's so low and disrespectful for two women who don’t even know Herman to say something like this," she continues. "Show me the proof and the facts. That may be a rumor, Karent, but your fake relationship with Rodolfo is a FACT and the whole world knows it including you!"

Alexia adds that it is actually these two that exhibit classic "mean girl" behavior (does Tina Fey get a dollar everytime that phrase is used?). "I have been so repulsed throughout the whole season listening to Karent and Joanna calling us the mean girls and referring to us as 'the other women,' when she and Joanna have both been the instigators and have started and been a part of all the trouble, gossip, and drama!" Alexia seethes.

"Joanna is crazy, volatile, and aggressive. Karent is a clown, a liar, and passive aggressive. Together they are the Devilish Duo!" 

Alexia believes the proof is in the pudding so to speak and the fact that neither Joanna nor Karent can keep a man says a lot about them! Ouch. 

"Joanna and Karent are always bragging about being so fabulous, self-made, and perfect, yet they can't even keep a man for 5 minutes!" Alexia snaps. "Maybe one day you will be blessed with having a great man like I do and having the greatest gift of all, children! That is indeed what you are both lacking in your life, ladies!"

Well, um… so Alexia certainly doesn't hold back! 

And tonight all the drama comes to a head in the season finale. The girls are temporarily stranded in Bimini but trouble continues back home in Miami. Marysol Patton finally confronts her crumbling marriage, Adriana de Moura agrees to take the next step with boyfriend Frederic, and Lisa Hochstein focuses on building her dream home – and her dream family. 

Reality Tea will be live-tweeting all the drama in Bimini and beyond, so make sure to join us and if you get too tipsy you can rely on us to fill you in on what happened. 

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