I don't know about y'all, but I am super excited about the third season of Mob Wives.  Honestly, I started watching it because I had to recap it, but now I am addicted.  Adding Big Ang as comic relief totally won me over, and the women's crazy drama never fails to entertain. 

All of the original ladies are returning, and Karen Gravano's friend Love Majewski will be joining the cast.  Admittedly, I'm a tad frightened by her, and I've only see the trailer!  Carla Facciolo seems to find her voice this season, following the golden rule of VH1 reality shows–"She who yells the loudest remains the most relevant." Renee Grazziano maintains her role as resident drama queen, while Drita D'Avanzo is trying to distance herself from her formerly violent ways.  Ramona Rizzo isn't willing to follow in Drita's footsteps as far as that is concerned!  It's going to be a crazy season, that's for sure!


Season three brings all the bleeping, screaming, and talking behind one another's backs.  Of course, it also covers Hurricane Sandy, and shows the women coming together to help their community.  Check out the cast photos and don't miss the super trailer below!


Drita's husband Lee is getting out of jail sooner than she expected.  While she's still divorcing him, she seems to be second guessing their relationship.



Karen is worried that Dave is cheating on her now that he's back in Arizona, and she is beyond peeved.  Karen receives the news from their teenaged daughter that she found some mystery underwear in their house, so Karen heads to Arizona to check things out for herself.



Joe has moved back in with Carla, and while they are still married, she's totally fine with him dating other people…until he wants her to meet his new girlfriend!  Carla also gets into it with Renee!



Speaking of Renee, she's still as dramatic as ever.  After fighting constantly with son AJ and receiving a threatening letter from Junior, Renee realizes that she may need some help for the sake of her mental health.  She takes off to Florida for a month of rehab.



Ramona is not willing to let go of old grudges, especially when it comes to her hatred for Drita.



Big Ang has toe surgery.  She is awesomely hilarious.  Sadly, she loses her new salon due to Sandy.



Love is going to bring another level of craziness to the show.  She brags that she's shot someone, poisoned someone, and even stabbed a former boyfriend…in front of his mother!  Only in America would she be rewarded with a television show!

Check out the super trailer below, and let me know what you think!  The new season premieres Sunday, January 6 at 8PM ET!


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