I.  Just.  Can't.  I can't wait for the day that Kim Kardashian is forced to give Kris Humphries his annulment based on fraud.  It's going to be epic.  Sadly, it doesn't appear that we're going to see that happen any time soon. 

Many rumors have been swirling that Kim just offered Kris a massive sum of money to finally divorce her so that she and Kanye West can ride off into the sunset with their unborn child.  Unfortunately, it appears that these rumors aren't true, and the gossip is just part of the residual mess from the beginning of their demise.

Fear not, though.  Kim can't be bothered with her impending divorce/possible annulment.  She's too busy posting pictures of herself "helping orphans."  Yes, you read that correctly.  Keep in mind that she was helping said children while wearing the mortgage for a house on her wrist.  Confused?  Keep reading…you'll understand.


Kim just posted Kanye's most recent "surprise" to her on her Instagram account.  The tiny rapper gave Kim several bracelets which she quickly photographed and uploaded with the caption, "the Don strikes again!  #SoLucky!!!"

Celebuzz breaks down Kanye's gift to his baby mama…and the Cartier bracelets he gave her set him back over $100,000.  You know, just a tiny present (from a tiny man) for no reason.  The first bracelet, denoted as the Love bracelet, is a yellow gold stunner highlighted with pave diamonds.  The wrist candy only costs a mere $37,700.  The other bracelets that Kim is flashing (picture below)?  She's sporting a yellow gold piece studded with onyx and emeralds which was relatively cheap with a $29,000 price tag, as well as Cartier's newest design, the Juste un Clou, which retails for a reasonable $36,000.  Chump change when you're a tiny rapper…with the emphasis on "chump."

Moving on from the tiny rapper to the ridiculously tall doofus, TMZ claims that Kim is standing firm about paying her husband (I love that he's still her spouse!) a cent in this divorce.  The site alleges that she's so confident in her case that she's not worried a bit about paying off Kris…and, in fact, she wants him to pay her legal fees.  Combined, both Kim and Kris have amassed close to half a million dollars in attorney costs.  TMZ explains that Kim believes she made Kris money just by being married to him.  You've got to love that ego, don't you?

That said, TMZ is refuting the story that several media outlets are reporting—that Kim can't pay Kris enough to go away.  According to Radar Online (I guess it's all about which site is more reputable…I'll let you LOL before you continue reading), in the beginning of these shenanigans, Kim offered Kris $10 million to scrap the annulment and give her a divorce. 

A family insider tells the site, “After Kim filed for divorce, she offered Kris a $10 million payoff, with the agreement that he would not continue to pursue an annulment to their marriage on the grounds of fraud."

Not surprisingly, a representative for Kim asserts, "This is obviously yet another inaccurate report that lacks facts. No such deal was ever made.”

The source, however, is adamant, revealing, “Kris flatly rejected the offer because it has never been about money for him.  He wants to be able to marry in a church again, with a clear conscience, when he finds someone special. Kris is deeply religious and he believes that the only way he can do that is if his marriage to Kim is annulled.  Kris wants to move on with his life just as badly as Kim does – he is constantly getting heckled by NBA players and fans – and he just wants to be able to close this disastrous chapter in his life once and for all. If Kim would just agree to grant him the annulment, they could both move on with their lives."

The insider maintains that reports that Kim recently offered Kris $10 million to end this mess so that she could move on with Kanye and Kimye, Jr.  are totally false.  The source explains, "That absolutely never happened.  Kris has given a sworn declaration that he has never asked Kim for a single dime. The only thing he has asked for, and continues to ask for, is for her to agree to an annulment.”

The worst part of all of this?  Kim is touting her humanitarian efforts on her personal site, writing, "We had some time off in Abidjan so we wanted to visit an orphanage and we brought them tons of food and toys! The kids sang and danced for us and it was such a magical experience! They were the sweetest kids and I’m so glad I got to visit during my short trip. Xo"

I'm sorry.  I just threw up in my mouth a bit.  So, Kim works in a photo op with orphans while vacationing, and that makes everything alright?  Why not take the $100,000 worth of bracelets off of your wrist and donate that money to the cause?  Am I crazy?  Does she think we're all idiots?  I just can't even fathom her state of mind…unless that state of mind is straight up delusional.  Geez.


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