The Most Lavish Kardashian Holiday Celebrations

Keeping Up With the Kardashians/YouTube

The Kardashians is a fun series to escape into because the wealth seen is next level. Case in point, Kim Kardashian started off 2023 in a way that we could never. Here, she outbid three others, spending nearly $200K on one of Princess Diana’s necklaces. Therefore, when it comes to the literal meaning of their former hit show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, we can’t.

With this much money at the ready, nothing is really off-limits, especially around the holidays. From Easter to Halloween to their annual Christmas Eve bashes, their events are never simple, nor cheap. We’ll show you exactly what we mean now. Join us as we take a stroll back, recalling The Kardashians’ most lavish holiday celebrations to date.

Kim and Kanye’s 2018 Christmas Party

Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Kim and Kanye West may no longer be married, but back in 2018, they worked well together, hosting an epic Christmas party at their $60 million compound. To start, the pair blanketed their entire California property in real snow, complete with hills and sleds for their guests to enjoy. Then, they lit a tunnel using 10,000 lights, which were perfect for selfies. If that wasn’t enough, they also imported in a forest of creamy-toned, fine-art sculptures, which resembled the trees in Dr. Seuss’ classic, The Lorax.

We were curious how much a party like this might cost, and as it turns out, so was People. After reaching out to an expert, the publication estimated that this party cost Kim and Kanye roughly $1.3 million. That’s a lot of cash to spend for just one evening of entertainment. Clearly, this lavish holiday celebration, hosted by the Kardashian-West families, was one for the books.

Kourtney’s 2019 Christmas Party

Kourtney Kardashian Barker/Instagram

Before becoming a Barker, Kourtney Kardashian took on the hosting responsibilities for her family’s 2019 Christmas Eve party. In her completely transformed backyard, Sia performed the hit-song “Chandelier,” while flickering lights, red poinsettias, Kanye’s choir, and custom lighting also helped to set the mood. The decor wasn’t all just in her backyard, however, as even in her entryway, there hung an upside-down Christmas tree, because, why not. In an outdoor tent, Kourtney’s team created a winter wonderland, with visions of ski slopes and snow in mind.

No, Travis Barker did not co-host this event, as the pair were not even dating yet at this time. However, Kourtney and Travis were legally wed in 2022, and now, they’ve continued to take on the hosting responsibilities for their families annual Christmas Eve party. As for this event though, once again, People estimated the cost at a whopping price tag of $440,000. Though not as expensive as Kim’s from the year prior, this Kardashian holiday celebration is still the very definition of lavish.

Kourtney and Travis’s 2022 Christmas Party

Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Just last year, Kourtney and Travis once again hosted her family’s annual Christmas Eve celebration, and it was stunning, to say the very least. For the decor, their ivy-covered entryway was lined with giant red Christmas trees and sparkling lights. On their property, massive amounts of holiday treats and food were available at almost every turn. For photo ops and for the children who were in attendance, they even threw in a bright-red ball pit, because again, why not.

Once again, Grammy-nominated singer Sia performed, though this time, she sang “Snowman,” alongside Kim’s 9-year-old daughter, North West. These two cutely sang inside of what appeared to be a very large present with a clear front. From here on out, estimated costs were hard to find, but that’s ok, because just one look at the images will tell you all that you need to know. Basically, this Kardashian-Baker holiday celebration was luxe AF.

Kris’s 2023 Easter Celebration

Khloé Kardashian/Instagram

This past Easter, the Kardashian’s family matriarch, Kris Jenner, hosted a grand, kid-friendly celebration at her house. At each attendee’s seat were large, chocolate Easter eggs, alongside individual mallets, solely designed to help each guest crack open their eggs. Nearby, a table filled with pastel-colored treats, ranging from cupcakes and cookies to carrots and actual eggs, sat. Behind each guest’s seat was yet another surprise—stuffed Easter baskets containing individualized gifts for each recipient.

Kylie Jenner aided her mom Kris with the gift giving, as she purchased massive individual gumball machines for each of the children in her family. As for the activities, egg-dying stations and a large-scale Easter egg hunt were present. Though geared for children, this was still an over-the-top, lavish holiday celebration set forth by the Kardashins.

Kim’s 2023 Halloween Party

Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Just a few weeks ago, Kim completely transformed her mansion, creating a Halloween-inspired location that rivals every slasher flick we’ve ever seen. In her front yard, fake hands (molded using her own children’s hands) rose up from the ground, lining her entire driveway. On each side of her yard stood a giant tree, made of bones and skeletons. Even her doorway was covered in skulls.

We’re not done. In Kim’s backyard, this self-proclaimed soccer mom erected a full-on haunted house, complete with a boarded up shack and a fog machine, which blew an eerie mist all throughout her abandoned-looking yard. Clearly, Kim went above and beyond, creating a one-of-a-kind Halloween spectacle for her guests.