It was a big night for Drita D'avanzo as she finally took her kids to see Lee in prison.  Karen Gravano wanted to wring Dave's neck Ramona Rizzo's insistence, and Renee Graziano checked into rehab for her addiction to prescription meds.  As for Carla Facciolo and Big Ang, they were more background players…and while I love some Ang, it was nice not to see all of Carla's manufactured drama.

Last night's episode of Mob Wives started with Big Ang and Carla going to get manicures.  Ang looks like a poodle with her crimped hair.  Drita joins them and quickly questions as to whether Ang got a perm.  Thankfully, it's a wig.  Carla shares that Renee has moved in down the street from one of her best friends, and Ang reveals to the ladies that Renee is checking herself into rehab.  Ang hopes that the women will all be supportive of Renee, but Carla can't help making fun of her.  I am not enjoying this "trying to remain relevant" Carla. 

Carla's husband Joe is meeting with an attorney to get some things finalized so that he can move in with his girlfriend Raquel.  Joe tells him about his time in jail, and he explains that he and Carla can get along fine…that is, until she finds out he's meeting with this lawyer to start the divorce proceedings.  I don't see this going well for poor Joe at all!



AJ and his girlfriend, as well as Karen and Ramona, are taking Renee to the airport so that she can leave for rehab.  Renee is freaking out about the flight, and she is taking out her anger and anxiety on AJ.  He's not thrilled about it, to say the least.  Renee is upset that she can't take a pill to calm herself down, and she is really giving it to poor AJ who is about at his breaking point.  Karen and Ramona are very proud of their friend for taking the initiative to get help, although she needs to take it easy on her son.  Renee and AJ arrive in Florida, and he tries to give his mother a pep talk.  She keeps reminding him of how hard her life is…he's fully aware.  His life is a product of his parents' mess, and if he can rise above anyone can.  Of course, Renee doesn't like hearing that from her child.  She admits to having guilt for putting so much on AJ, and he urges his mother to step up to the plate.

Karen goes to Love Majewski's to get her make-up done.  Karen tells her old friend that Dave is avoiding her.  Love finds it ironic that Dave is in Arizona and her former fiance is in jail in the same state.  Small world!  We learn that a teenage Love was engaged to the man who is responsible for the biggest car theft ring in the world.  To hear these women talk, you'd think he'd won a Nobel Peace Prize!  Love remembers a happier time, when she found out he was cheating and he then proposed.  It was then that she shot a 9mm pistol all around him…not at him, per se, but in his vicinity.  Good times!  The ladies giggle at the silliness of youth, and Karen questions if Love would consider reconciling with her ex when it gets out of prison.  Yes, Love has thought about it….until she learned that he froze his sperm before going to jail and now has toddler twins with two women.  Okay, so they aren't technically twins, but he has two kids who are close in age with two different ladies.  Love was devastated by this news. 

Drita and her daughters are going to visit Lee for the first time in two years.  She is nervous on several levels, but she wants to make sure she brings him plenty of singles and quarters for the vending machines.  She tells her girls that she thinks that Lee will want to change for the better so he can be in their lives.  I had to rewind twice…I don't think either of her daughters are wearing seatbelts!  They arrive at the airport and head to Buffalo.


In Florida, Renee meets with a slew of psychiatrists and therapists.  Her laundry list of pills is crazy, but I very much sympathize with her battle with depression.  She hates to leave AJ, and she seems to wear down the longer that the questioning continues.

Okay, so Drita is wearing a seatbelt on this stretch of the journey.  She and her girls get to the hotel, and she is getting more and more concerned about the possibility of allowing Lee back into their lives.  Drita doesn't want to open her heart and her home to Lee and have her girls get attached to their father only to have him disappoint them all over again.  She knows that guilt will be unfathomable. 

Carla hasn't seen Joe since he moved in with Raquel, but she's fine since she has her new puppy.  Cut to Joe's condo, and we learn that the puppy used to be Joe's, but Carla sort of commandeered the dog when the kids would bring the pooch for visits.  Joe shares with Raquel that he's met with a divorce attorney, and he's worried about how Carla is going to take the news.  While she doesn't want to be with him, Carla doesn't want Joe moving on with someone new.  He doesn't want things to get nasty as far as the kids are concerned.  Raquel casually reminds Joe that while she may seem sweet, she won't tolerate any of Carla's disrespectful BS.


It's time to get ready for the visit, and Drita's oldest daughter is concerned about what she can and can't wear. Drita asks the girls what they plan to say to their father, and they turn the question back on her.  She says she's "first date" nervous.  I am proud to write that both girls had on their seatbelts this go round (the older one tucks hers under her arm, so perhaps she had it on earlier), although Drita does not.  I know y'all are thrilled that I'm on "Make It Click" watch.  #sarcasm

Karen is meeting Ramona for drinks, and Ramona wants to hear the latest with Dave.  Karen reveals that he is still avoiding her calls, but she does share a text message from her thirteen-year-old daughter.  The text implores Karen to stop calling Dave because it could potentially mess up her father-daughter relationship, and Karina further tells her mom that she's going to stay with her dad instead of moving to New York to be with her mother.  She even tells her mother that she likes her dad's new girlfriend, and Karen should be happy that Karina has a positive new influence in her life.  Ramona can't believe the insanity of the situation.  She wants Karen to suck the life out of Dave.

After the five hour visit, the girls had a wonderful time seeing their dad.  Drita, on the other hand, is still wrestling with the whole scenario.  She felt very comfortable with him, and she loved seeing her girls with their daughter.  Ang calls to see how things went, and Drita reveals that she spent part of the visit crying in the bathroom over seeing him with his daughters.  She says that she barely spoke to Lee…because she didn't need to talk. She has fallen back in love, and it's very confusing for her.

Love comes to Ang's, and she learns that Ang has kicked her husband Neil out of the house.  Ang fills in Love on Drita's amazing visit.  The women discuss waiting on men in jail and how unfair it is to the women in this lifestyle.  Ang waits for no man while he's incarcerated.  Love tells her friend about her ex's frozen sperm and new babies.  Ang thinks it's hysterical–why would he have children with Love after she used his man bits for target practice.  Oh Ang. 

Karen finally gets Dave on the phone.  She goes off on him, and she can't believe that Karina knew about his girlfriend before she did.  Yeah.  I'm going to go out on a limb and say that Karina probably knew first because she lives with her father on the other side of the country.  Yes, they agreed to date other people, but he never told her he planned on finding a girlfriend.  It's both sad and hysterical that Karen is coming at him citing their daughter's best interests when really she's just jealous as hell.  Am I right?  She hangs up on him when he requests that they try to move forward. 


Drita goes to see her friend Jessica, and she fills her in on her visit to Lee.  She shares her insecurities about falling back into a relationship with Lee, and Jessica reminds her of how happy she and Lee were pre-prison.  Drita gets teary walking down memory lane, and she decides to throw her anger over him cheating out the window.

Renee is in her first group therapy session, and she's totally over taking the entire session with her hatred for douchebag Carla.  Her group members give her some pretty stellar advice about how much power she's giving to Carla.  They tell her to place her energy elsewhere.  Build a bridge.

Next week, there's a bar brawl at the Drunken Monkey, much to Ang's dismay.  Ramona's daughter wants to invite Drita's daughter to her birthday party, so the two arch rivals require a sit-down peace summit.  Carla is livid to hear that Joe has consulted an attorney, and Hurricane Sandy hits Staten Island. 


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