Sure, Kim Kardashian is super annoying, self-absorbed, and mind-numbingly vapid, but she sure does post some entertaining pictures on her Instagram.  Case in point?  The picture above, which she aptly captioned "Bo Derek braids."  Let's discuss for a moment, shall we?  Ignoring the fact that Bo Derek is likely extremely insulted (and rightfully so), I am so distracted by her make-up.  And does that ring say "couture?"  Anything but…she looks like she belongs on Solid Gold.  Even Kanye West is so embarrassed that he has to hide his face.  Oddly enough, I am kind of feeling his gold studded plaid flannel.  I know, I know.  It's probably just the only thing in the picture I can slightly compliment.

I've got some more Kimmie K. pictures for you after the jump…as well as an update with Kim's divorce proceedings with Kris Humphries.  It's neverending.  Happy weekend, y'all!


TMZ reports that Kim is going to have a husband for even longer than expected.  The judge has pushed back the trial date until May 6, which means Kim will most likely be having this baby while still married.  I am laughing as I type.  Kim's attorney had hoped to start the trial next month, but unfortunately, the first available date is three months away.  The judge refused to listen to any additional tactics from Kris' remaining lawyers.  As you all know, he's a man down of late.  

Don't worry though, Kanye made sure that he took Kim's mind off of the insanity with an over the top Valentine's Day gift.  He reportedly spent over $70,000 on the Cartier panther cuff bracelet Kim is showing off below.  Geez.  $70,000 for that?  I can't even tell you what I'd spend $70,000 on if I had it, but it wouldn't be that.  At least Cartier is getting some free publicity though, right?  I'm sure it's exactly the kind of endorsement the jeweler was hoping for when it designed the piece.  Even Naughty But Nice joked about the gift, tweeting, "It must be love! Kanye West drops over $70k on a diamond Cartier cuff for his "baby momma" Kim Kardashian on Valentine's Day. Ouch."

In other news, Kim is off to Nigeria as well.  I find it hilarious that Kim says the divorce proceedings are too stressful on unborn Kimye, Jr., yet she's fine jet setting all over the globe attending parties and assaulting our eyes with her questionable fashion choices.  Bravo, Kim.  Bravo.


[Photo Credit: Instagram]

kim 2

"On my way to Nigeria! Can't wait!"


kim 2

"My new pet panther! #Cartier #TheDonStrikesYetAgain"

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