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The Kardashians Season 3 Trailer Teases Sibling Rivalry and Kanye West Drama

Many reality TV fans/pop culture enthusiasts can probably agree that the world of The Kardashians is complicated. Some days, I’m ready to give up on this way-too-famous family for good. The next, I’m pouring over a trailer for the next season of their Hulu show as if I’m the problematic dynasty’s No. 1 fan.

Hulu just released the latest trailer for Season 3 of Keeping Up With The Kardashians 2.0. If you were one of the few people who suffered through Season 2, you didn’t miss much. It was basically a collection of episodes that served as one big advertisement for all the Kardashian Kompanies. It’s the furthest thing from required viewing.

Production clearly got the memo that the few fans were bored as can be. Hulu decided to drop a trailer for Season 3 that’s so tantalizing that we’re all FORCED to watch the next iteration. It features sibling rivalry and real-world discussions that we haven’t seen from the family in years. Plus, Scott Disick is back. That alone is worth the watch.

Keeping Up With Kardashian Khaos

Kim Kardashian kicked off the trailer as a single lady following her split from Pete Davidson, who did not even make an appearance in Season 2. Kim was also dealing with the Kanye West of it all. That’s honestly putting Ye’s level of public bigotry pretty lightly, but we all lived through it via the internet. Obviously, Kim had to handle co-parenting with Kanye during the height of the chaos.

Kim broke down in tears during the trailer about her ex-husband. The rest of her family members basically were in shock at how well she handled all the Kanye stress. “He has made up the most insane narrative and we stay silent through all the lies,” Kim said. It’s the kind of rawness that keeps Kim the most consistently interesting member of her family. Love her or hate her, Kimmy’s life is downright captivating.

Another major part of the trailer is the tension between Kim and Kourtney Kardashian. The feud apparently stems from Kourt being upset that Kim did a Dolce & Gabbana campaign around the same time as her wedding with Travis Barker, which was essentially sponsored by the fashion house. “My sister used my wedding as a business opportunity,” Kourtney said. It’s petty, but Khloe Kardashian insinuated that the problems between the sisters obviously go way deeper.

Khloe also dealt with a melanoma diagnosis during the season. She’s shown with a massive bandage on her face to cover some major stitches after surgery. Her friends and family are worried about her overall health. Kendall Jenner pointed out that Khloe was barely sleeping and lost a lot of weight. Khloe’s life took a serious turn and hopefully, it includes less nonsense from Tristan Thomson.

One final interesting moment from The Kardashians teaser came from the often-quiet Kylie Jenner. Kylie got real this season about the beauty standards that she and her siblings have contributed to. She’s seen at one point talking about wanting her daughter to take a different path than herself. She even says she wishes she “never touched anything to begin with,” which is seemingly in reference to plastic surgery.

“All of us need to have a bigger conversation about the beauty standards that we’re setting,” Kylie said to her sisters. After decades of watching this family on TV, FINALLY, someone said what we’ve all been thinking.

The Kardashians returns to Hulu on May 25.