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Well, desperate times call for desperate measures! One (and a half!) season Jersey Shore extra Angelina "Trashbags" Pivarnick is trying to make it in the world of reality TV again. 

And she's pitching a new TV pilot called The Comeback, starring herself of course. Quick question: don't you have to have a career first before you can have a comeback? Details, smetails right!

In order to fund her new aspiration, Angelina is selling monogrammed trashbags has launched a Kickstarter Campaign and is asking fans (plural?!) to pledge money to get her pilot off the ground. 


In The Comeback, Angelina claims she is looking to reinvent herself be given a "fresh start" as she struggles to shed her Jersey Shore reputation.

"The Comeback will focus around Angelina as we watch her go through several challenges with the help and guidance of her team. Get to know the real Angelina!"

Do we want to know the real Angelina? Anyone? Apparently we missed her "larger than life and 'tell it like it is' personality" the first time around… 

Anyway, Angelina currently has a whole FIVE backers and has raised $145. She's seeking $8,000 and has 13 days to go. Think she'll make it?

Thanks to Tom Murro for the scoop! 

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