We get a lot of questions about just what happened with Radio Slade? Does it really exist? Is it still on the air? Who exactly are the people who listen to this crap?

While I don't know anyone who wants to hear more of Slade Smiley's voice, the Real Housewives of Orange County hanger-on is not only still on the air (Satellite Radio, baby!) but he inked a syndication deal earlier this year. Hey – he's employed! Woot. 


So here's the latest on Radio Slade for those 3 (less?) people who are actually curious! 

Krantz Media Group signed an agreement with Slade Smiley/Grayson Entertainment to "manage syndication and distribution of the entertainment/pop culture radio show through its content syndication division," according to AllAccess Media. 

So there you have it. Want more Slade, tune in. Want to avoid Slade… I'm not sure that's possible if your intimately acquainted with RHOC! Sadly… 


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