Can you sing the alphabet?  You needn't go far…"A-B-C-D"  Okay stop.  You have reached the letter that encapsulates this entire blog post.  D.  As in D-List…if I'm being generous.  VH1's Couples Therapy is awesome at bringing the most irrelevant and desperate reality couples together for one last ditch attempt at that fifteenth minute.

This season is no different.  Producers have reached deep into their vault and resurrected some folks who are going to make for hilariously awful television.  We've got some MTV clingers, a clock wearing rapper (I do love him), and a purveyor of topless ladies…just to name a few.  It should be a very interesting mix, that's for sure!


According to a new press release, Dr. Jenn Berman will be back to guide the wayward couples as they learn to communicate while handling the life chasing in the spotlight.  VH1 is bringing back it's golden (toothed) boy Flava Flav with his fiance and baby mama Elizabeth Trujillo.  Fellow rapper Chingy and Temple Poteat will also be seeking the knowledge and guidance of Dr. Jen.

In the MTV corner, we have the only Teen Mom couple in the history of the franchise who are still actually together.  While some of their 16 & Pregnant counterparts have enjoyed successful relationships, none of the girls followed on Teen Mom managed to stay with their children's fathers except for Catelynn Lowell.  She and Tyler Baltierra seemed made for one another as dealt with the struggles of choosing adoption for their daughter.

Also from MTV are Dustin Zito and Heather Marter from the Las Vegas reboot of the Real World.  You may recall, the duo became close before Dustin let the cat out of the bag that he used to perform sex acts with other guys for money on the Internet.  What?  Like that would cause trust issues?  Rounding out the group is everyone's favorite pervert, Girls Gone Wild creator Joe Francis and his girlfriend Abby Wilson.

Oh, this is going to be so good!  The new season premieres at 10 PM ET on June 12th on VH1.


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