Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny Frankel is aware that being a self-described self-help guru does not make you a psychiatrist, right? Oh the delusional never cease to amaze me! 

Telling New York Family that giving advice is "like a responsibility," Faux-prah says her dream talk show guest is Amanda Bynes. And why? Cause Bethenny believes she can help Amanda get her wig on straight! 

"Amanda Bynes, who is going through something. I know that she would feel safe with me," Bethenny enthused.


Apparently Bethenny believes that because of TWITTER (as if Amanda's twitter is an indication of anything realistic!), Amanda is a Bethenny-bot fangirl.

"I have a decent shot at having a real conversation with her, because she’s read my book, she’s tweeted me, she’s aware of me," Bethenny added. Uh-huh… well – yeah… The real question is who has a lesser grip on reality: Bethenny or Amanda. 

The rest of the interview is pretty boastful as well, among the many things Bethenny declares it's that she never had a mentor and about how wonderful, great, innovative, and inspirational she is. So how 'bout those ratings for her show? 

Well, Bethenny – here's a little advice from me, since it's my responsibility and all – sometimes, silence is golden. 

[Photo Credit: CBS]

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