Bethenny Frankel is hitting back at a recent report that she's getting bad Botox – and showing proof that she's not doing injections. 

The former Real Housewives of New York star used her talk show 'bethenny' to defend herself and show off her not-frozen forehead.  The episode airs on Wednesday, October 2nd.

Bethenny vented, "Bloggers who have no idea what they are talking about are writing that I have a new boyfriend named Botox, who has really botched me up. Folks I am here every day, 57th and 11th where the pink awning is, as long as they'll let me do a show I'm here, if you want to come here, you can ask." 


Bethenny showed off the photo that was used in a recent article. After showing off the picture, she had the camera zoom in so she could demonstrate that she indeed has plenty of wrinkles on her forehead, as well as full movement of her face.  "Yes, that's the picture that they posted because I make the face every day of course. So I just want to show you something. Those are my wrinkles in my forehead, these are these guys over here."  

Bethenny admits that she has done Botox, but she is not currently doing it regularly.  "Now, I am not saying I haven't ever done Botox. I am not saying I wouldn't do Botox but I am not doing Botox on the regular because I am not one of those people that walks up to a mirror and says, 'Hmmm, let me look at myself, let me see what I need to fix, let me see what I can do.' That's not really me and I believe in everything in moderation. If you want to do something to make yourself feel good do it. Of course, take precautions, ask your doctor, read up on something. You want to know what you are doing. But I eat Cheetos, I use artificial sweeteners, I don't do it all the time, once in awhile and that's what I believe in, balance." 

She blasts the doctor who gave his "medical expertise" regarding her face, "So, Dr. Guida. Okay, Dr. Robert Guida is the one who commented on my face. A. I've never met you. B. You're not my doctor. C. Shut your pie hole and go back to your corner. If you are going to write it come up to the pink awning and say it to my face bizzitch, okay? Say it to my wrinkled face." 




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