As our community here at Reality Tea grows by leaps and bounds every day, we need to lay out some basic ground rules and have them in print so we’re all on the same page about participating in the comments. These are mostly common sense, but please read them and get familiar with them because going forward, they will be vigorously enforced. These guidelines may be subject to future changes and updates.

  • No personal attacks on other users
  • No name calling other users
  • No using multiple user names, they will be blocked/banned
  • No complaining about other readers, indirectly or directly
  • No racist, abusive, or hateful comments
  • No posting personal information (names, emails, phone numbers, addresses, etc)  about other commenters 
  • No linking to other sites
  • No posting copyrighted articles from other sites 
  • Don’t discuss the communities/issues of other websites/blogs

If you can’t be polite, don’t say it. We’re not always going to agree so please try to disagree without being rude. Know the difference between personal attack and differing opinions. If you’re that angry about something, take a break. We won’t accept “well they said xyz and I couldn’t help myself” or “I was baited” as reasoning for attacking another user.

Please stop writing the same comment over and over hoping to wear others down or winning a debate. Just move on.

Please flag violators of the rules/guidelines – we cannot read every comment thread in its entirety so we rely on flags to aid in moderation – but do not flag comments simply because you disagree with what the commenter is saying or because you don’t care for a particular community member. 

If you are a habitual trouble maker and ignore the guidelines/rules,  you’ll be banned.

Please remember that we can see your email address, your user names, and your IP address. If we see potentially libelous comments, they will be removed. But REMEMBER: you are legally responsible for what you say.

Do not feed the trolls. We encourage you to report abuse by trolls by flagging comments. But we also ask that you not engage with trolls in the comment threads. This includes talking about issues with trolls with your fellow commenters. Reacting to their provocation is exactly what they want. If we see you feeding a troll, directly or indirectly, we will remove both the troll’s comments and your replies. If repeatedly do this, you, too, will be banned.

Do not complain about moderators removing a message that you have posted. If we’ve removed a comment, we had a good reason to do so. We may on occasion edit your comment – only if part of your comment violates these rules.  (“editing” meaning taking out a portion that may violate the rules, but otherwise had some great contributing content). Please note that occasionally replies to a comment that was against policy and deleted will also be removed. This is to keep the comment threads as clean as possible.

No griping about the writers or the site in general. Email us with your comments and suggestions, don’t try to rile up negativity in the comments.  These comments will be deleted.  If you’re that unhappy here, stop participating and find somewhere more suited to what you’re looking for that we’re unable to provide. We hate to see you go, but we can’t make everyone happy, unfortunately. Please note that we will not play referee any longer, so don’t email asking us to be.

Please remember that Reality Tea is not “team anyone”. Our writers present the posts in their own view, but we’re a mix of opinion on every show and every star. We invite ALL reality TV lovers to participate and hang out with us! We don’t care which shows or reality stars you love or loathe – we welcome all! Please remember we are all entitled to our opinions and favorites, but don’t slam others if they feel the opposite. (calling them delusional or wrong, are you <insert stars name>, and so on.) Bottom line is that we are all ADULTS here and there’s no reason we can’t just discuss these shows and have some fun together. 

Edited to add: With the latest comment update, photo/gif/image/video posting has been disabled. 

Updated 12/1/2013  – We have an official moderator monitoring the comments.  The contact email: moderator@realitytea.com

If you have any specific questions about our commenting system, Disqus, you can check out their help files here.  Every website/blog has their own set of rules and policies in place.  We can only help you with issues within our own site (and have no control over problems you may have on another site). 

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