Teen Mom, Amber Portwood leaves Frisch's Big Boy burger joint after eating her first meal with her family then heads home after being released from jail in Indiana

Amber Portwood shocked us when she asked a judge to send her to prison eighteen months ago.  Now, out on parole, the former Teen Mom star is making plans for the future and working on her relationship with her daughter.

In a recent interview, Shawn Portwood insisted his sister is clearheaded and sober now, adding that Amber's working hard to rebuild her life.

"Amber's focus is college," said Shawn. "Then she wants to start her own drug rehabilitation program." Sound crazy? Maybe not! Amber was released from prison after serving only seventeen months of a five year sentence mostly due to selflessly helping other inmates better themselves.


Amber's also looking forward to rebuilding a relationship with daughter Leah, who just celebrated her fifth birthday. Shawn shared, "Amber always told me that Leah was her inspiration to get out," adding, "She never wants to be in a position where she won't be there for Leah again." 

Currently, Gary Shirley has full custody of Leah, but he's more than willing to give Amber the time she needs with their daughter according to Shawn.

Shawn shared, "Their first night together, they spent all night talking, doing each other's hair and makeup, and watching movies. [When] Leah fell asleep in the middle of a sentence,  Amber wanted to show her that she was there when Leah woke up." 

Sounds lovely – but let us not forget that MTV is currently filming Amber and Gary. Whether or not they can co-parent Leah without major drama once the cameras stop rolling still remains to be seen.


Photo credit: Splash News

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