So, Asa Soltan Rahmati and Reza Farahan weighed in on the RSVP drama on Shahs of Sunset, and I completely agree with one of them. The other one makes me want to bang my head against a brick wall.

I fear Lilly Ghalichi's party has set the tone for the entire season. Lilly and Mercedes "MJ" Javid do not like each other – never have, never will – and now their childish feud is going to drive a wedge between MJ and Golnesa "GG" Gharachedaghi.  I don't think MJ even considered going to Lilly's party until Reza stirred the pot. Suddenly Reza couldn't bear the thought of MJ feeling humiliated if/when she was turned away from the party for not RSVPing. Really? Either Reza asked the great and powerful Oz for a heart since we saw him last or he's feeling the heat and desperate to redeem himself.

Asa kept her opinion on the matter short and sweet. "I have to say I'm a bit over the whole RSVP thing," she blogged. "That horse is so dead."  YES!  Reza, on the other hand, took the scenic route to Asshatville.


Reza's blog started with promise. First he joked about wasting a new suit on a disastrous dinner. Totally. I hate when I waste my best yoga pants on errands where I never run into people I know. So annoying, right? 

Then Reza pointed out how Lilly's presence instantly changed the mood at dinner – something I noticed as well. "Sans Lilly, we were all having a blast drinking and catching up," he said. "The minute Lilly walked into the room – mind you we were dining on the patio – she sucked all the air out of the room."

Reza thinks Lilly's solely to blame for the madness that ensued, saying, "It was clear that Lilly came in ready for a fight, and the minute MJ mentioned Mohamed [Hadid], Lilly went in for the first blow."  I disagree.  MJ was itching for a showdown just the same. She knew exactly what she was doing when she dissed Mohamed. 

"I still stand behind what I said: I think that once MJ humbled herself and sent that text message, Lilly could have done the right thing and allowed her to come," added Reza. "It would have set a much different tone for the summer, but in true Lilly fashion, she got all technical and banned her from the dinner."

Reza loses me from here on out. "What's done is done and everyone took a side, but what really bothers me is that Lilly was not accountable for the things she said to MJ."  Wow. This fool needs to re-watch season two, paying special attention to his own treatment of MJ, especially during the reunion. Then we'll talk about accountability, Mr. Flowers only come from Guilty Men.

"How are you going to say disgusting things about someone and instead of being accountable for your actions, blame the others present for not stopping your vile words from exiting your mouth? You're a grown ass woman – be accountable for your actions,"  Reza continued, talking to Lilly.  "If you didn't want to argue, you could have kept your mouth shut." 

Reza concluded, "Lilly and MJ had been talking mad s–t about one another for months, and we had all had it. They were finally in the same room and we thought they'd finally clear the air. Grow up!"


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