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Destiney Rose Doesn’t See Reza Farahan And Tommy Feight Making Up

The Shahs of Sunset have come a long way over the last nine seasons. Unlike other shows on Bravo, the cast members’ connections to one another going all the way back to childhood in many cases. Another key difference is the general stability of the cast. I mean stable in the tenure on camera sense, not the behavioral sense.

Reza Farahan and MJ Javid’s friendship started in high school. These two, along with Golnesa Gharachedaghi and Mike Shouhed, have been main cast members on the show for each and every season to date. Semi-remarkable. Especially considering the constant shake ups other reality seem to require. And what exactly do these deep connections and constantly produced interactions mean? Explosive arguments, of course!

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We are about halfway through season 9 of Shahs of Sunset. This chaotic group is serving it up once again. Per usual, Reza Farahan is creating rifts left and right, trying to distract from his own issues. Meanwhile, Mike Shouhed is keeping his misogynistic tendencies center stage. I’m still chilled thinking about his silencing Paulina Ben-Cohen anytime emotions run high on camera. Control issues much?

Earlier this season Destiney Rose made it well known that she would not be putting up with any of Mike’s tomfoolery. She was quick to kick him out of her dinner party when his behavior started to ramp up. For some reason, this upset Golnesa Gharachedaghi who actually asked Destiney “who cares” if Mike cheats on his girlfriend. Really!? I thought GG was trying to stand for some sort of justice lately. This was a miss.

Shahs of Sunset

This season of Shahs of Sunset wasted no time getting right down to the drama. “Best friends” of 2,000+ years Reza Farahan and Mercedes “MJ” Javid have tried mending fences after a tumultuous last season. While I don’t think MJ should ever forgive him for what he pulled, she seemingly has and they are forging ahead. Well, minus that pesky little restraining order Reza still has against MJ’s husband, Tommy Feight.

Another major source of drama has been Mike Shouhed, who I truly think will never change. Despite claiming that current girlfriend Paulina Ben-Cohen is the one, he just can’t keep his nose clean. When some illicit texts came to light, Mike pulled the deny, deny, deny game like he always does. But eventually, he had to come clean and confess not only to Paulina, but to the rest of the Shahs.

Reza Farahan Is Writing A Book

Shahs of Sunset is finally back on the Bravo screen. One thing this show boasts that many of the suffering Real Housewives franchises do not? Actual, longstanding, friendships. Prior to their current (and very major) feud, Reza Farahan and Mercedes “MJ” Javid had been friends for THIRTY years. The very delayed reunion of season 8 showed fans some hope for these two, but not so much that they’ve come into season 9 as friends again.

Reza has made statements of his regret for his part in the clash between himself and MJ. MJ has remained mostly quiet on the issue, despite supposedly trying to come between Reza and Adam Neely, his husband. Interestingly, MJ has been making other public statements. She was seen commenting about her husband, Tommy Feight “living a lie” in recent months. Here’s to hoping season 9 reveals even more deep dark secrets within this chaotic friendship circle.

Reza Farahan Regrets His Comments About Mercedes Javid’s Abortions; Says The Pandemic Brought Them Back Together

The last season of  Shahs of Sunset was underwhelming to say the least. The reality is, much like Vanderpump Rules, the Shahs have seen better days. And no one really wants to watch these people grow up. Especially when they spend so little time actually growing. It seems like none of the Shahs have really changed in a good way.

One shining example of just how little growth is going on within the cast was this past season’s beef between Reza Farahan and Mercedes “MJ” Javid. In the season’s most explosive episode, they had an epic pool party screaming match. It ended with Reza screaming at MJ that her uterus exploded because she had ten abortions. For context – MJ had a major scare while giving birth to her son, Shams. The complications resulted in a hysterectomy and MJ not being able to carry any more children. And yes, Reza used that against her. If I’m being honest, MJ handled it much better than I would have. Then again, after being friends with Reza for so long, I guess she is used to it.

Shahs Of Sunset Alum Lilly Ghalichi Files For Divorce Again

The eighth season of Shahs of Sunset finally wrapped a few weeks ago when Bravo aired the months long delayed reunion. And it couldn’t have come soon enough! The season felt draining with the main drama of Mercedes Javid and Reza Farahan’s on again off again friendship, with the two eventually making up after the reunion. Note to self, never invite anyone over for strip Jenga.

That same back and forth drama has also crossed over to Shahs of Sunset alum Lilly Ghalichi. She may not be on the show anymore, but her real life drama is mirroring that of her castmates. Just last year, Lilly’s husband, Dara Mir, filed for divorce. However, the couple reconciled and Lilly called it off. Lilly and Dara made it known that nothing was standing in their way as a couple when they were caught kissing passionately at their daughter’s birthday party. But, all is not as it seems as some sad news about the couple has recently come to light.

Shahs Of Sunset reunion Mike Shouhed yelling Mercedes Javid MJ javid

Last week we finally got the long over due first part of the Shahs of Sunset reunion. It was good to see the cast back together again, and hear their thoughts on the latest season.  Noticeably absent however, was newcomer Sara Jeihooni. I guess Sara’s one storyline of being upset her younger brother hooked up with Destiney Rose wasn’t enough to merit her joining the reunion. Better luck next year, Sara!

Still, the rest of the cast was on hand to bring the drama. Mercedes Javid walked off at one point, and Golnesa Gharachedaghi heckled Nema Vand. I guess even motherhood can’t make GG more mature. The main highlight of the night though was the season long feud between MJ, Reza Farahan, and his husband, Adam Neelyover whether MJ encouraged Ali Ashouri to confront Reza with the NSFW texts Adam had sent him. And things got even more heated between MJ and the cast during part two of the reunion. 

Shahs Of Sunset Reunion

The long-awaited Shahs of Sunset season eight reunion has finally dropped! Recently, Bravo has delayed a lot of their shows for several weeks, such as the Real Housewives, but Shahs got the short end of the stick with a several month delay. Regardless, it’s better late than never. As Mike Shouhed claimed, Shahs is the best show that Bravo has.

When we last left the Shahs of Sunset crew, the camp was divided between team Mercedes Javid and team Reza Farahan. Things were so bad between the group that Golnesa Gharachedaghi, Reza, and Mike didn’t even attend MJ’s sip-and-see for her baby on the season finale. But, that is minor drama compared to the rest of the season. We had such gems as Tommy Feight tearing up Reza’s backyard for posting about his wife MJ’s pregnancy complications online. In turn, Reza put a restraining order against Tommy. And this all started because Reza thought MJ was responsible for spreading rumors about his husband Adam Neely having strip Jenga parties. So, what drama will happen during the reunion? Let’s find out!