So, I moustache you, are you ready for Shahs of Sunset? Reza Farahan is – but first he wants us to know where things stand between him and his co-stars. 

Speaking to OK!, Reza admits he's not in a good place with Mike Shouhed. "Our business relationship really messed up our personal relationship," he shares. "It was a huge mistake to go into a real estate partnership with Mike. I wish I could take that back." 

On the other hand, Reza says he and Golnesa "GG" Gharachedaghi are in a "calm and beautiful" place.  "As long as the anger and venom is not directed towards me, it's tolerable," Reza adds. "But it's very difficult when it's pointed in your direction."


Reza says Lilly Ghalichi is a "fun toy" and "beautiful to look at". He goes on to credit her for indirectly pushing him to reach out to Mercedes "MJ" Javid. You know, after he ran her over with a semi last season, in favor of his shiny new toy.  "If anything, I owe Lilly a huge thank you for being the catalyst for MJ and I to reunite," he says.

Thinking about MJ gives Reza warm and fuzzy thoughts. Gag. Me. "We're not exactly where we used to be," he admits. "But we're definitely not in the same place we were last year. Day by day it gets better and better."

About Asa Soltan Rahmati, Reza says, "She's my home girl, my sister from another mother. I adore her. We talk 20 times a day." Then Reza plugs Asa's Diamond Water, saying it's giving him life. Gag. Me. Again. 

Reza also lists the reasons season three of Shahs of Susnet should not be missed. "There's a lot of drinking, a lot of bonding, a lot of partying, and a lot of nudity," he promises.  Oh Lawd.  "Also, if you end up watching each episode, $3.28 of each episode will be going into my pocket." 

Tonight on Shahs of Sunset, MJ causes a rift between GG and Sean, which later leads to Leila dragging a hot-tempered GG out of a party. Meanwhile Lilly's still contemplating if anyone in the group is her true friend.  Reality Tea will be live-tweeting the episode. Join us!


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