Kim Kardashian celebrates her birthday

Ugh… I need to lie down immediately after writing this. Seriously – I feel faint and I feel disrespectful even addressing this malarkey. 

The first bit of news is not Kanye West's fault, save for the fact that it's totally believable given all the nonsense and highfalutin comparisons he's spouting. A self-described "Global Global Satirical Newspaper of Record" called The Daily Currant published a spam article claiming that Kanye referred to himself as the next Nelson Mandela. 

The quote, falsely attributed to Kanye, read, “Mandela was working in South Africa, which has, like what, six people? I started my magic here in the USA and then I took my business global. I liberate minds with my music. That’s more important than liberating a few people from apartheid or whatever.”


Of course, because it's Kanye people believed it and flipped out. The newspaper went ahead and admitted it was a hoax, but I'm still inclined to believe it COULD be something Kanye said, because just today he went on another rant comparing himself to greatness. Dude – his hero complex knows no bound. 

In a sit-down with SaturdayNightOnline radio host, Kanye explained that music is like totally dangerous. "Like, I’m just giving of my body on the stage; I’m putting my life at risk, literally!” he announced. 

“When I think about when I’m on the ‘Can’t Tell Me Nothing,’ and ‘Coldest Winter’ moment, like that mountain goes really, really high. And if I slipped… You never know," Kanye continued. "And I think about it. I think about my family and I’m like, wow, this is like being a police officer or something, in war or something.”

Yeah, so Kanye maybe you're confusing Call of Duty with real life? Kanye is literally fighting for his life. FIGHTING! “Like you literally going out to do your job every day, knowing that something could happen. Something can happen to you,” Kanye spewed. “I’ll explain to my daughter my one day, that me and her mother, we had to fight for this position that we’ll finally have.” What position? Village idiot?

Personally I find associating with the Keeping Up With The Kardashians to be the most dangerous element of Kanye's life. You know dude, at this point it's just sad. Shut up already. 

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