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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Kyle Richards has quite the busy schedule!  As if promoting her new boutique, starring in a reality series, or poo-pooing rumors of infidelity in her marriage didn't take up enough time, Splits has now partnered with iLVITA, a "fitness lifestyle solutions company." That's a real thing, y'all!

According to the Wall Street Journal, Kyle has fallen for the company's Bruciare Fitness Chair, and she wants her fans to know all about it. Citing losing her parents to cancer as her main motivation for the partnership, Kyle is hoping that she will set a good fitness example for her daughters.


Kyle shares, "I've always had to work hard at staying in shape. I don't believe anyone needs a lot of workout equipment, just one that works. Bruciare Fitness Chair works for me.

The RHOBH star explains, "More important, I want my children to learn that exercise and a healthy lifestyle plays a critical role in reducing the risk of breast cancer and many other life threatening diseases. With the loss of my mother to Breast Cancer and 4 years prior the loss of my father to cancer, I feel compelled to be more proactive in health and wellness," adding, "I want to be a role model for my children and educate my girls at a young age the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. This partnership offers me a great opportunity to do just that."  

iLVITA's President echoes Kyle's sentiments, stating, "When we met Kyle, it was an easy decision to create a partnership and to have Kyle become our spokesperson for the Bruciare Total Fitness Chair. Kyle understands our mission and is a natural fit within our company culture. Our business and personal goals are very much aligned."

She continues, "As a mom of 4 girls, it is natural for Kyle to participate in and promote a lifestyle for woman built around confidence, strength and health. iLVITA is an organic fit."

I was totally intrigued, so I googled this chair. It looks like some form of torture device…of course this is coming from someone who could barely hold up her hairdryer this morning thanks to a bout of yoga last night. Exercise isn't really my jam. 🙂


[Photo Credit: Fayes Vision/WENN.com]


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