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Last night was thriving on the cul-de-sac with the return of Sister Wives and, more importantly, Kody Brown's hair. Everyone is thrilled to be in their homes, and everything is as it should be. Kody can run from house to house–it's the best exercise routine ever!  The wives are glad that the kids are in such close proximity, but the ladies are still as independent as ever…in other words, they still despise one another. Even with a commitment ceremony looming, the women's interactions are incredibly awkward.

Now that some of the older kids are preparing for college, the family believes that a discussion about a tuition budget should be at the forefront. Kody is anti-student loans. He doesn't want his kids to have any college debt, as if that's entirely feasible. Thanks for reminding me of my debilitating law school debt, Kodster! With Meri about to be an empty nester and Mariah wanting to go to a much pricier school, Kody thinks Meri should shoulder more of the financial obligation.

Robyn has Meri's back, but Kody isn't budging. They call in Mariah to share "their reality," and Christine informs the high school senior that her full time job should be trying to find scholarships. With seventeen kids, no one should get a full ride. A tearful Mariah (when is she not tearful?) explains that she wants to reconnect with her Mormon faith. Janelle wants Mariah to be able to go to the school of her choice. Kody doesn't seem to be onboard with this wife mutiny, and he reminds everyone that he's the common denominator with the children. He's such a prize.


All of Kody's mothers-in-law are in town for Mother's Day as well as his own mom. It's likely Kody's worst nightmare, but the kids are happy to have five grandmothers in town. Janelle's mother is a pro at plural marriage, and she's also sister wives with Kody's mom. That's not weird at all! Christine's mom, on the other hand, has left a plural marriage although she remains supportive of her daughter's choices. The wives all swap compliments for each other's mothers.

Kody is taking his mom and mothers-in-law shopping to help him pick out gifts for his wives. I'm sure they are sweet ladies, but they are a veritable polyester nightmare!  As they shop, Kody complains that his wives always compare gifts. He then pulls out a wall hanging that reads, "I Kiss Better Than I Cook" for Janelle, and he becomes embroiled in a very cringe-worthy conversation with the MILs. Meri's mom seems to love Kody, but I'm betting she's the only one…his own mom included. He buys a bunch of Cracker Barrel-esque signs and calls it a day.

Over lunch, Kody fields more questions from the women. He sounds like such an egomaniac lamenting about his wives putting aside their jealousy. Of course, that damn mission statement is brought up, and I want to stab myself in the eye with a pencil. Not surprisingly, Meri's mom loves the idea of a mission statement. Kody wishes his wives were closer…they aren't even friends. Robyn's mom thinks he needs to be more patient.

Because he's such a great husband (gag!), Kody is making breakfast for his four wives for Mother's Day. It's painful to watch. Basically he's wearing an apron as his children run around preparing a buffet. It's quite a spread–perhaps Kody's kids could start a catering service! Kody tears up blessing the meal. At least the women can bond over how creeptastical their shared husband is, right? There are several drawn out conversations with the grandmothers that make for a budget and yawn-worthy episode of Couple's Therapy. Plural marriage is hard. Wives are jealous. It's still all very special. Lather, rinse, repeat. It's the same thing over and over, except this time we're getting the same tears and insights from an older generation of sister wives. Christine and her mom share how they've overcome their differing views. Group mom hug!  P.S. Kody's terrible gift choices are a hit!


[Photo Credit: TLC]

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