Kim Kardashian is all smoke and mirrors – and photoshop and plastic surgery – so when she posted some new workout selfies of her looking drastically thinner and more in shape, red flags raised. 

In the shots the Keeping Up With The Kardashian star is boasting super toned abs, a very teeny-tiny waist, and a tight butt – and she looks great. Except is it really her?


If you look closely at the background the images are all wobbly (door frame curved) making it suspiciously edited looking. Add that to the fact that recent photos of Kim do not support this being her real figure. 


Here's Kim being snapped by the paparazzi a couple weeks ago. 

Kim Kardashian leaving Epione Cosmetic Laser Center[Credit: WENN]

Kim Kardashian visits a nail salon in Beverly Hills[Credit: WENN]

And here's Kim photographed from behind leaving a nail salon last week. 

So tell us, is Kim photoshopping her selfies to make herself look thinner, more toned, and in general hotter? And why?

I think Kim looks great for having a baby seven months ago especially considering how much weight she gained during her pregnancy. She certainly has been working hard to get in shape, but why all the pressure to look a way that she doesn't? And why all the lying about the results?

There's been rumors that Kim allegedly had a fallout with her trainer Tracy Anderson, so perhaps she's going to start promoting some new guru's workout regime or a new product and she needs results fast. Whatever the case, I think it's pretty obvious the above "selfies" have been seriously edited.

[Photo Credits: Instagram]

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