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On last night's Sister Wives, Kody let the locks fly with lots of manly activities. It was slightly epic. The Browns are planning a commitment ceremony, and they are looking at different places to throw a big family event. Christine loves dropping the fact that they are polygamists to see how people react. The poor guy giving them a tour of the venue says he isn't the church or the government…his place of business just wants to make money. I never need to see Kody moonwalking on a dance floor ever again. Christine balks at the $10,000.00 minimum price tag, but Janelle believes that it's actually a fair price for what they would be getting. Meri appreciates that some of the women don't want to have to prep or clean up as it would all be taken care of by the event staff, but it's an awful lot of money. Kody admits that he can be very stingy when it comes to his wives' spending, but he wants to go all out with this celebration. After all, he's got a reputation to uphold. Gag.

Kody's friend Brett is coming to visit, and he and Janelle's trainer are going to install wrestling mats in Janelle's garage for son Hunter. Janelle still has stuff in her garage that needs to be cleaned out, so Kody volunteers Christine's garage for the mats as her garage is spotless. Christine requests a private conversation with Kody so she can give him her list of demands in return for turning her garage into a mini gym. She wants more time with Kody and more grocery money. Where are they getting this money? Is TLC footing the bill for all of this madness? Hunter is excited about his new training arena. He thinks it's cool that his dad likes to relive his high school glory days.


Brett and Kody met on a mission together, and they talk about their bromance. They opine about their religious paths while we're treated to footage of  Kody and Brett wrestling together. Okey doke. Kody became a fundamentalist Mormon at the same time that Brett left the church entirely. The wives are very supportive of Kody having friends outside the marriage. Brett waxes poetic about his best friends and how concerned he is about  Kody's recent move and the stresses of having a bazillion wives.

While Brett and Kody are off doing manly things, the wives take Brett's wife Ava and a bevy of children to the zoo. The kids are in awe of holding a baby kangaroo and a python, as are the women…except for Robyn. She hates animals. Christine faces her fear of snakes and Janelle makes out with a camel. Family memories! Ava believes that there are some very real and sweet moments among the wives, but also some very awkward tension.  Over a picnic, Ava reveals that when she first heard of Brett's friend Kody, she assumed he was a giant pervert. However, after meeting him, she realizes that the family is normal…relatively speaking. She questions why the women don't like to see Kody be affectionate with his other wives. Ava doesn't get the jealousy. When Ava is called away by a child, the wives talk about trying to spend more time together. Meri feels left out since she doesn't have younger children. Robyn peppers Meri with questions about empty nest syndrome. Meri cries. Shocking. She is so very grateful to her sister wives for helping raise Mariah. Meri isn't sure what her role will be within the family once Mariah goes off to college, and she's not sure what she wants it to be. 

While the women are picnicking, Kody is preparing to bungee jump off the Stratospohere hotel and casino with Brett and Janelle's trainer. Kody can't believe how fearlessly his friends leap off the platform. He wonders if doing a pike will one up them. A nervous Kody pikes the entire way down before landing in a Tebow. His friends are barking. It's all very testosterone-y. Over dinner, the men talk about leading their families and the different dynamic of managing multiple wives. Kody knows that he is the head of his household, but he manages his family subtly. He sounds like a caveman…and he looks like one, too. Kody has to be in charge because he doesn't want one wife to be in charge of the other wives. Kody explains that he and Brett didn't speak for five years after a very antagonistic religious conversation. Now, he can't imagine his life without his friend. Kody tears up, and I can't remember a time I've ever seen him cry over one of his wives.

As Meri prepares to be an empty nester, she is going shopping with her friend Andrea. She wants to make a special blanket for Mariah's graduation much like Logan received last year with pictures of the family. Meri wants to make it herself so it will mean more to Mariah. She feels very alone as she faces an empty house because Kody won't be in the same situation. 


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