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On last night's Sister Wives, Kody Brown saw two daughters graduate from high school. While Christine was overjoyed for daughter Aspyn, Meri continued to meltdown over Mariah leaving the nest. Poor Janelle, she really wants to high tail it, doesn't she? Even Robyn raises some eyebrows by inviting a fortune teller to the girls' graduation party. Her prediction? One more wife! Oh gracious!

The episode begins with Christine, Meri, and their daughters plan the graduation party. The girls think the moms are living vicariously through them since they never had graduation parties. Mariah and Aspyn are opposed to dancing and DJs. Meri thinks that the girls must be embarrassed by their parents' dancing skills. The only idea that sounds remotely appealing is Robyn's palm reader. I do love that the girls' are cussing in front of their moms. Mariah says "hell no" to a slide show. Kody then discusses, yet again, how much more expensive Mariah's college education will be. If I were Mariah, I'd ask my folks to put the money they planned to spend on the party towards my education. He invites Mariah's study skills teacher over to talk about financial planning. Kody does not want any of his kids graduating with student loan debt, and he isn't going to be cosigning diddly squat. Slowly but surely, Kody realizes that loans would allow his kids to study and progress without worrying about working three jobs every semester. Take it from me, it's much easier to worry about that debt after graduation. Oh, sarcasm!


It's graduation day, and Aspyn isn't wearing heels for fear of tripping across the stage to get her diploma. Aspyn can't wait to get the heck out of dodge. She is beyond excited to get out of the house. Christine and Aspyn agree that it's going to be a major adjustment because Aspyn pretty much runs the household. On the flip side, across the cul-de-sac compound, both Meri and Mariah don't know how they are going to make it being apart. There are tears and hugs and sighs. Meri passes down a strand of pearls to Mariah.

For the Brown family, the graduation ceremony is a giant cluster. Where should they sit? Can they save seats? A crying Meri hates their chosen seats because she won't get to see her daughter walk out and take her seat (although she has a prime view of the stage where she will accept her diploma). She throws a tantrum of epic proportions and Robyn follows her. Kody is peeved. Meri is always uber-dramatic, and he hates that she's always pulling Robyn into the fray. Robyn reminds Kody that he has two children graduating, and he needs to be more understanding to their mothers. He changes his attitude and corrals his giant family to better seats. Not since the wet bar debacle have I seen Meri so determined to get her way. After graduation, Meri and Kody think it is the perfect time to tell Mariah where they are on their "second baby" decision. They are not going to pursue in vitro because Kody says that would be interfering with nature. Meri doesn't want a baby just to fill the void of Mariah leaving. Mariah doesn't understand the their choice, but she accepts it. 

Because they don't want to embarrass their daughters by dancing at the graduation party, Christine has choreographed a flash mob for the family to perform. Lord help us. Kody feels very silly…this isn't masculine dancing, and it's making him uncomfortable. Geez, it's making me uncomfortable too! Janelle wisely opts out of the horrendous routine. Mariah walks in on the practice and she accuses her family of acting weird when they try to play off why all the furniture is moved to the edges of the room. Thankfully, the secret of the world's worst flash mob remains intact. 

It's the day of the party, and Christine is overwhelmed by how much more work needs to be done with food preparation and decorations. Kody jokes that his wives are spending his retirement on this graduation shindig…this from a man who wants to spend $10,000 on a commitment ceremony but doesn't want to pay for his kids' college. We are introduced to the monogamists that live at the other end of the cul-de-sac. The girls are pleased with the turn out, and they have fun getting their fortunes read. The mystic tells Mariah that she won't meet her jerky, bossy husband until she's twenty-four. He'll probably be a lot like Kody. This fortune teller may be legit! Since Janelle has wisely chosen not to be a part of the flash mob, she's working to distract the girls while Kody and his remaining wives assemble their costumes. Aspyn and Mariah are dying laughing, and it's pretty cute if it wasn't so cringe-worthy. The kids join in, and everyone has a ball. Kody knows how cool his family is.

Christine is doing a Tarot card reading, and the fortune teller tells her that she needs find a way to overcome her loneliness among so many people. Meri doesn't buy into the psychic mumbo jumbo. Robyn is told that finances will not be a burden for her, and the fortune teller tells Kody that he will be taking another wife. In fact, he may have her picked out already! This raises some eyebrows, but Kody changes the subject by calling the family together for special gifts for the girls. Aspyn's sister makes her a cozy quilt, and Meri and Mariah both lose it when Mariah opens her picture blanket. I must say, I thought Aspyn and Mariah were hilarious last night, and I wish them both the best in college! 


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