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Last night's Sister Wives once again showed us what a stand-up guy Kody Brown is. Not only does he have those luscious locks, but he's Father of the Year up in here! The episode was quite the downer as he and Christine's daughter was admitted to the emergency room with kidney failure. Thankfully, the little girl is much better now.

Kody and his wives are preparing for their commitment ceremony by buying a ton of flowers for their party. No one is more shocked than Janelle that she's actually looking forward to this celebration. Apparently, all the wives like calla lilies. It's really the only thing they all agree upon…well flowers and Kody. They plan to put a tree on each table as a center piece. Robyn is thrilled by their "Tree of Life" theme. Christine is super excited that the commitment ceremony will also highlight her freakin' family mission statement. Next, the brood moves on to cake tasting. Kody wants to design the cake to look like (drum roll, please!) a tree, and it will only cost the family $8,500, or a semester of college for one of their umpteen kids. Poor Kody mopes about what could have been with his dream confection. 

Mariah is heading off to college, so I am sure there will be a lot of tears. As she packs for her adventure, Meri informs the camera crew that she and Kody are going to surprise Mariah with a car, and they will be throwing her a joint going-away/birthday party. How many parties do these people need to have? How much money do they need to spend? Meanwhile, Christine is taking Truely to the pediatrician because she's lethargic and cross-eyed. The doctor sends Christine directly to the emergency room fearful that Truely is suffering from kidney failure. Kody is napping (spending money you don't have is exhausting, y'all!), and Robyn goes to wake him with the news. Kody speeds off to the hospital in his midlife crisis car. 


Truely's pediatrician is very concerned about the young girl's condition. Kody calls Meri to share that a specialist has been called in to see Truely. At the house, Logan and Aspyn lead the family in prayer, but Aspyn breaks down because she is so worried about her sister. Kody comes home to tell the family that Truely is going to stay in the hospital for a few days to see if doctors can get her kidneys to function. As Kody eats the cake from Mariah's party that wasn't, Meri tells him that it isn't necessary for him to drive up to drop off Mariah at college the following day. Kody says a half-hearted good-bye to his daughter, one would think he'd head back to the hospital. Nope, Christine has that duty tonight. 

The following day, Mariah is getting together the last of her things before driving off to Westminster College. Meri feels so badly for her daughter because she knows Mariah is struggling with her emotions. Mariah is worried about Truely, but she's also excited about going off to college…in her new car. Kody sees them off before heading to the hospital to consult with doctors. Aspyn, per the usual, is holding down the fort. Seriously, she is the most mature one on this show! Christine is able to come home for a bit to rest, and Truely will be starting dialysis that night. In Utah, Meri is moving Mariah into her dorm room. These two should never be professional packers of any kind. 

Christine is understandably wrecked with worry because fourteen hours of dialysis haven't done much to help Truely's condition. Janelle is surprised to see how strong the always sensitive Christine is being. Kody shares with Janelle that Truely could be in the hospital for at least ten days because she's not eliminating any waste. The doctors are doubling the dose of her dialysis. Her condition is extremely dire, and I feel so badly for the Browns. 

On day nine, cameras are allowed into the hospital after a successful round of dialysis. Truely is vastly improving, and her sweet little voice is precious. Aspyn is wary of her sister's recovery because she doesn't want to get her hopes that things are so much better. The family comes together at one of the homes and Christine and Kody call to share the new good news. Truely will be coming home the following day, and she won't have to continue with dialysis. Everyone is thrilled, and its hugs all around when they bring Truely back to the cul-de-sac compound. The Browns are thankful for the perspective that this experience has given them. The crew has a princess tea party to celebrate Truely's homecoming. Christine is beyond grateful to her sister wives for their help.


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