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It's been an emotional few days for Brandi Glanville in regard to her missing dog Chica. She's been understandably upset for what has to be months (I'm going by what we're watching each Monday on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and what we see in real time as Brandi's life literally plays out on Twitter).

I certainly don't blame Brandi for being emotional about her pooch. After all, pets are totally part of the family as the most gentle and loyal companions. However, just this week Brandi had a glimmer of hope as far as Chica is concerned. 


On Monday, Brandi tweeted to her followers that Chica had potentially been found. I don't want to be a wet blanket, but the dog has been gone a long time. If someone has him, I'll bet they are planning to keep him, as sucky as that may be.

The reality star shared, "I'm freaking out I just got an email from a lady who thinks she found Chica and the video looks exactly like her!!@JenniferGimenez chk email"

After receiving a great deal of support for those embroiled in the search for Chica, Brandi's bestie Jennifer Gimenez kept the thread posted by revealing that she was waiting to hear back from Brandi after she spoke to the woman with the Chica look-a-like. Sadly, Brandi updated that it wasn't her pup. She wrote yesterday afternoon, "it want [sic] her but it sooooooooo looked like her.Its been an emotional day and a half."

I haven't been Brandi's biggest supporter this season (which is quite the switch from the last go-round), but losing a dog is hard enough, I can't imagine having to go through it twice. I am certainly holding out hope that this story does have a happy ending.


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