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So Sister Wives is serious about this commitment ceremony, not to mention the damn mission statement. I think both are the stupidest things I've heard in a long time (and y'all know the shows I watch!), and I'm tempted just to write one for them and plan the event myself. Once again, Kody Brown leads his wives in Attention Deficeit Disorder as they have only forty-five days until the their party. Their event planner (bless her heart) is used to about twelve months of preparation. Christine wants to make sure that the mission statement is read and signed during the ceremony (shocking), and she wants to plant a tree. Meri doesn't want this to seem like a wedding. Not surprisingly, Janelle is totally tuned out…she's planning her escape. She's also sporting a new dual hair color.  

Instead of having their ceremony at an expensive venue, they Browns have decided to put that money into their yards and celebrate at the cul-de-sac compound. Their landscaper is questioned about their polygamist choices. He likes the Browns. He thinks they're nice. He believes in Jesus and he thinks they do as well. However, he can't quite wrap his head around the sin of having multiple wives, and he hopes it won't keep them on the wrong side of the Pearly Gates. Robyn is glad she didn't know his feelings when they were doing business. Meri disagrees…he did a good job, he was kind, and not everyone is going to have the same religious beliefs. Janelle cares about work ethic and good people, not religious affiliation.


The Browns are going to visit family in Wyoming . It's been a rough few months for the Browns as Kody lost his brother Curtis in a motorcycle accident and then his father Winn died of natural causes two months later. They want to check on both Kody and Janelle's mothers to see how they are dealing with these tragedies. Every time I am reminded that one of Kody's wives' moms is sister wives with his mom, my skin crawls. Kody misses his brother very much, and not even his finest head-to-toe denim can lift his spirits. Curtis wasn't a proponent of plural marriage, and there was a rift between he and his father when he died. When the family arrives at Kody's mom's house, she entertains them with stories of her romance with Kody's dad. She was quite the hot little ticket. Janelle gets teary talking about her mother-in-law (and sister mother's??)'s bond with Curtis

The following day, the crew goes to visit Janelle's mother. We learn that she married Kody's dad twenty years ago. Back in the day, Kody and Meri were Janelle's "polygamist friends" as she was just a mainstream Mormon. The more time she spent with the two of them, the more concerned her mother became that she'd be brainwashed into that lifestyle. Her mother decided to talk to Kody's father about her worries, and it was love at first sight. She married Kody's dad four months prior to Kody marrying Janelle. Talk about keeping it in the family! Meri reveals that Kody's dad and her father were the best for friends. Kody's mom shares with Kody that Janelle's mother is having a harder time with her husband's passing. The family gathers at his grave site to say their farewells. Kody had a complex relationship with his father, but he misses him terribly. Janelle also often butted heads with her father-in-law/step-father. I mean, really? 

Meri decides to walk down memory lane to go see her former employer. They never knew that she was in a polygamist marriage until the show aired, so she kept it from them for years. Her bosses joke that they were wondering if Meri was ever going to tell them. No worries–they knew all along. It's a small town, and people talked. Christine was pregnant and couldn't walk around with Kody in public. The wives remember how awkward it was, and it totally sounds like it!  Meri surprises the family with a visit to their old home. The reenact a picture from 2001. Janelle is quiet and emotional. Maybe she's having second thoughts about what I believe are her plans to get out of dodge…nah.

To honor Curtis, Kody takes the family to the ranch and shares his childhood memories with his kids. Curtis was the shining light in his father's eyes until he married only one wife outside of their faith. The family ties bandanas around the fence mosts as a touching tribute to Curtis. I want to be snarky about Kody and his hair, but I can't. Douchey or not, losing a family member is so hard regardless of the circumstances. The crew huddles up to say a prayer for Curtis' widow and family. Thank TLC. I'd prided myself on not tearing up during the likes of Sister Wives. Well, that was a good run while it lasted…

Kody wants to chat with his mother about how she's coping with the loss of her son and husband. She reminds him that as the grandmother of seventy-plus grandkids, she keeps very busy. He invites her to come stay with them in Las Vegas for an extended period of time. She quickly declines. I love this woman. Kody's mom admits that she is having a hard time dealing with Curtis' passing and she gets very sad reading all of her son's poetry. Robin, Meri, and the wives question Kody's mom about how she and Janelle's mom faired after losing their husband. They are actually closer now than when they were sharing a husband. The time with family makes the commitment ceremony even more important to Kody. He'd better get to writing that mission statement!


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