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Blah, blah, mission statement, yada, yada, yada commitment ceremony. Give me something to work with, Browns! Last night's Sister Wives was more of the same as the family prepped for their big party. The yards of the cul-de-sac compound are almost complete, so that's one thing they can check off their list, but what about dresses for the wives and the actual mission statement itself? Kody jokes that with four wives it's easier to make decision because it's like he has a committee to get things done. Christine recognizes that in a monogamous relationship there is no tie-breaker. It's so profound. 

One of Janelle's friend's daughter has just graduated from school with a degree in fashion design, and she's volunteered to create four custom dresses. Each wife has a vision for her dress because, you know, they're "fashion designers" in addition to being "jewelry designers." Not surprisingly, Meri is asking a ton of questions and has countless opinions. She wants edgy, not elegant. No worries there! Janelle admits that she has warned Sam the designer about how picky particular Meri can be. I guess we're not the only ones still harping on her need for a wet bar!

Kody and his wives are meeting with their family therapist to get assistance with their mission statement. Christine fancies herself quite the writer, although her wife counterparts aren't too sure. Robyn gets choked up every time they read over it. Of course she does. She's mainly concerned with how the completed mission statements will be displayed. Somebody call Cracker Barrel to get some ideas! Kody wants the statement immortalized on canvas and signed by all the wives. Janelle is worried that putting it on canvas could be limiting if Kody gets another wife. While she doesn't foresee Kody getting another wife, they didn't foresee Robyn coming either. Ouch. Kody thinks he's pretty much done with wives. Meri is worried that once the the mission statement is completed and the commitment ceremony is over, the family will sink back into dysfunction. Kody wishes Meri wouldn't be such a Debbie Downer all the time.  Amen.


At the second dress fitting, Christine is looking like a reject from a Renaissance fair. When she asks for Kody's opinion, it's touch and go, but he manages to give a genuine compliment. Janelle is impressed. Kody wishes he was with his bros getting high-fives for his stellar husbandly behavior. Give. Me. A. Break. Robyn wants a modest mini-dress, and Meri looks like she's wearing medical scrubs that have been transformed into a bathrobe. Poor Sam. She has no clue what she's gotten herself into, does she? 

With five days until the commitment ceremony, the family is holding a rehearsal. Robyn fancies herself the family drill sergeant as Kody instructs the family on pictures on the big day. Christine finds Kody's beard to be an epic fail (it takes attention away from his glorious locks!). Robyn quickly votes in favor of the beard (she's a kiss-up, that one!), while Meri hopes he'll shave the morning of the event. Kody sets everyone straight: it's his body, his decision. He's such a hoot. The kids are acting like fools (can you blame them?), and Robyn gets upset that Kody isn't going to make the children sign the mission statement should they choose not to. Janelle agrees. The teens love pushing Robyn's buttons, and they think the mission statement is a joke. They aren't surprised that their parents have put far too much thought into something so ridiculous. I love the teens…especially when they refuse to listen to a read-through of the statement. This rehearsal is a cluster. Kody reveals that every family member will be gifted with a piece of jewelry to symbolize their family unity. It had better be from My Sister Wives' Closet! 

The wives are doing a sand pouring ceremony, and Meri pipes up to say that she's not a fan of this event. But, hey, she's a good compromiser! She'll do it! Next, the family is going to plant a tree. Did I mention that this whole event is a disorderly cluster? Oh, yes, yes I did. The teens think that having a party to show how much they love one another is stupid for lack of a better room. The younger kids find the entire rehearsal terrible. Kody is beyond frustrated with the misbehaving kids, and he threatens to kick some of his children out of the family. I'm sure they'd go willingly.

Janelle is questioning her dress design, so she calls Meri and Christine over to get their opinions. I can't believe the dresses have to be finished in three days! Good luck, Sam! Meri and Christine put Janelle's fears at ease. She really has lost a lot of weight and looks good in the pinned up fabric. Robyn gets teary unpacking the leather cuff jewelry she's designed for the crew. Christine is happily dying sand for said pouring situation. Another dress fitting occurs,and Robyn isn't a fan of her dress. Again, why am I not surprised? 

None of the dresses are even close to being finished, and Kody decides to take on a major Christmas light project. Meri is freaking out about her dress, and Sam is equally frustrated that Meri has chosen upholstery as her fabric. She looks like a gladiator. Meanwhile, outside, Kody is using ladders and drills galore to create his Clark Griswald extravaganza. Christine tries on her almost completed dress. It looks like something from a high school's drama production of Robin Hood. Janelle is very concerned that there are only forty-eight hours until the party and there are so many things left unfinished…as she should be.


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