I know Yandy Smith is a happy camper this week…even if she's slightly poorer because of it. The Love & Hip Hop star's fiance is out of jail, thanks in part to her $200,000 bail pledge. That's right, y'all! Medicine Mendeecees Harris is a free man. Well, kind of…and VH1 was there to capture the moment. Of course they were!

On Monday, Yandy walked into federal court in Rochester, New York and put up $200,000 of Mendeecees' $600,000 bond package. Later that day, Mendeecees was released from Yates County Jail where he's been, um, residing, for over a year. Does this mean Yandy will have more of a story line next season? I kid, I kid. I know she's happy to have him back home with his kids.


The Democrat and Chronicle is reporting that U.S. District Judge Frank Geraci, Jr. agreed to the hefty bond package in hopes that it would be reason enough for the thirty-five-year-old reality star not to jump bail. Thanks to the deal, Mendeecees is finally seeing the light of day and getting to spend time with his family. 

Mendeecees, his brother and a third man were indicted as part of a drug ring, with Mendeecees voluntarily turning himself in to authorities last January. His brother now faces five to seven years after entering his plea on Monday. As for Mendeecees, his attorney is hoping to reach a beneficial resolution for his client, and the Assistant U.S. Attorney assigned to the case is hopeful that the bail agreement will be enough to keep Mendeecees returning for future court dates. Yandy isn't concerned about her cash, stating after the hearing, "Mendeecees is a very good guy." 

Ready to have him home with the couple's twenty-month-old son and his son from a previous relationship, Yandy revealed, "The hardest part is just watching the kids growing up without him,."

Here's hoping Mendeecees remembers that he has 600,000 reasons to show up for court! I guess between L&HH cameras following his every move while filming next season and that bail hanging over his head, Mendeecees will have to be on the straight and narrow…

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