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Rumor has it, no one's favorite father of eight, Jon Gosselin, lost his job as a waiter. Raise your hand if you're shocked. 

Last year, Jon started waiting and bussing tables in PA. At the time, he said he couldn't find an IT job that was flexible enough for a father of eight. Let's play along, shall we, and pretend he actually parents eight children on a daily basis. No judgment here. Waiting tables is an honest day's work – and it's more "real world" work than Kate Gosselin has done since Jon & Kate Plus 8 aired. 

That said, Radar reported, Jon was fired from this job a few months ago. "Jon was fired for blowing off shifts and coming in late," claimed the source. "He had no work ethic and felt he could come and go as he pleased." 


Another source confirmed that Jon has not worked at the restaurant for a few months, adding, "He's doing sales for some credit card type of company where they help manage credit cart swipes for businesses." 

Jon admitted he doesn't pay child support, and according to Radar, he waived the right to keep his kids off TV in exchange for not having to pay child support. We all know RadarLiesOnline's sources are questionable, but I actually believe this claim. I think Kate would agree to anything to get herself back on TV. She's tried, tirelessly, but all of her pitches have been turned down. 

Yes, Kate scored a spot on the new Celebrity Apprentice, but she knows she needs those kids to keep extending her 15 minutes.

There's no way Jon would have agreed to the upcoming Kate Plus 8 special – out of spite! – if he still had a say. But Jon really needs to stop bashing Kate though. About the special, he said, "I was heartbroken to learn my children are participating in yet another TV project." But not heartbroken enough to support his eight kids. What. Ever. Jon. 

The last we heard, Jon wanted to use his Couples Therapy money to fight for custody of his sextupletsAlexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah, and Joel – and to buy a bigger house. I'll believe it when I see it. 


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