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Last night's Sister Wives focused on the teens. Kody Brown has a lot to say about his kids being in relationships, but I think all of the Brown children have good heads on their shoulders. Added bonus? We didn't have to see as much of Robyn whining or Meri complaining about her wet bar. Score!

Janelle is meeting with trainer Sean, and she's struggling with her plateau. She's ready to start losing again even though Kody has never said a word about her weight. Sean is disappointed that Janelle hasn't continued with her thirty day healthy eating challenge, and she acknowledges that she's an emotional eater and a procrastinator. 

Where has the time gone? Logan is a sophomore at UNLV, and he's living with a couple who is dating. Off campus housing and a girl roommate? Props to you, Logan! Kody and his wives are very proud of Logan and they note that he doesn't come home very often. Logan is a good kid, and he admits that he's dating and socializing and hugging and kissing girls outside of marriage. Janelle trusts Logan's judgment, but Kody wishes he could impose a "no touching" rule until marriage on all of his kids.


Logan is hosting a poker night with his roommates, and several of the girls are either really into Logan or really into being on television. When asked if he'll follow in his dad's footsteps, Logan jokes that he can't commit to one woman, much less multiple wives. He doesn't think most of his friends would judge him if he chose his father's path, but he's told his pals he doesn't see himself as a polygamist. One of his friends reveals that she was raised by a single parent, so having the help of other parents may have been nice. Kody and his wives have the utmost faith in his decisions. 

Madison is growing up as well, and she's going horseback riding with friends on a double date. Madison initially hated the move to Las Vegas, but now she's student body president. She's finally found her niche. TLC is certainly taking advantage of interviewing the teens' friends to find out their takes on polygamy. Madison shares with her friends that she looks at the other wives more as of aunts instead of step-moms. She's hellbent on not following in her family's polygamist footsteps, and she's ready to get the heck out of dodge, attend college and law school, and practice law on the East Coast. She also thinks that if you like a guy, you should be able to kiss and hold hands. Kody isn't very involved in his children's dating lives. 

Aspyn is finishing her freshman year at UNLV as an education major. She can't wait to be a teacher, and growing up with so many younger siblings has been great practice. She's very involved in her sorority, and she and some friends head out for a day of fun at a pinball museum. To each their own. Her friends don't think much about her family's lifestyle. They just enjoy spending time with Aspyn. The girls gossip about who they will take to their sorority formal. Aspyn's moral compass is strong, and she's happy to hang out with dudes who want sex as long as they know they won't be getting any from her. She's goes back and forth as to whether she one day wants sister wives. Christine jokes that Aspyn has been worshipping with "boring" Christians, but she knows that Aspyn will make the best choices for her regarding relationships and marriage.

We are next treated to a day in the life of wild child Mykelti. She and her friends are playing mini-golf. She admits that she was treated a bit differently when she started school in Vegas, but all of her friends are very accepting. Kody doesn't think that polygamy has had a negative effect on Mykelti's ability to make friends because she loves to shock people with the news of her family. Christine recalls when Mykelti was so defiant, wanting tattoos and piercings. However, now that she's found her love of fashion design and is pursuing an associate's degree as she finishes high school. She's recently broken up with her boyfriend, but the two have tried to remain friends. She admits that it is weird and awkward. Christine knows that it's hard on her daughter. Mykelti doesn't see herself ever getting married, but she wants to adopt children so that she can give them a great childhood like she had. 

The family is planning a spring break trip to Missouri to meet another polygamist family who are practicing Christians. Janelle and Kody are excited about meeting this crew, and I'm sure TLC is hoping for another spin-off. The Browns are traveling Route 66 for four days in RVs. It sounds like my own private hell. Not surprisingly, the teens aren't looking forward to this adventure. Hunter is predicting a lot of yelling and chaos. Christine is thrilled to plan trips to diners and petrified forests. The younger kids are looking forward to the road trip, but the older boys are dreading their trek to Misery, um, Missouri. 

The episode ends as it began with Janelle meeting with Sean. He plans to have her climb a mountain so she can see just how far she's come in her personal journey. Sean is making her wear a weight vest so she can remember what it feels like to be her original weight. Sean loves symbolism, and I have to say that's he's a pretty good motivator. When Janelle makes it to the top of the peak, she's extremely proud of herself, and I'm proud of her. I hope she's able to keep up the good work!


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