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Oh y'all. Last night's Sister Wives was the vacation from hell! Can you imagine trekking halfway across the United States with Kody Brown at the helm of your RV? Would you rather ride shotgun if Meri or Robyn were driving? Even Janelle and Christine seemed to be a bit weary about the two RVs and a twelve passenger van. All of this chaos to meet some Christian polygamists. The teenagers are upset about missing spring break with their friends, and Kody is going from house to house trying to pack his stuff. Before heading out of town, Kody's hair leads a business meeting for My Sister Wives' Closet. Robyn is irritated that the investors have yet to fund their business. It's been eight weeks since they were promised the money. What's the hold up? How are they going to pay to rent the RVs? Everyone seems to be dreading this vacation. Even Kody admits to feeling anxious.

Somehow, Kody has convinced his niece Cindy to join the crew–and drive! Is she being punished for something? Meri will also be behind the wheel. Kody is believes his teenagers are going to make or break the trip. The responsible college aged kids are off the hook and won't be traveling with the family. Kody is worried. Without Mariah, Aspyn, Mykelti, and Logan, who will actually watch the younger kids? Christine joins him in his concern. Is she going to have to watch her younger kids now? The family is only an hour behind schedule as Kody barks orders at children who aren't listening to a word he says. I'm getting stressed out by this trip already and they haven't even left the cul-de-sac compound yet!


Once they finally get on the road, the family is taking the storied Route 66, and they begin with a photo opportunity on the corner in Winslow, Arizona as a tribute to Kody's favorite band The Eagles. They head to a local trading post in Winslow which is owned by a gentleman who appreciates that the Browns are exercising their right to freedom of religion. Robyn is painfully aware of how open their family is regarding polygamy, and sometimes it makes her feel uncomfortable. Do you know what makes me feel uncomfortable? Kody's ponytail…and his love of a denim tuxedo.

At the end of the first day of driving, Kody is teaching his sons how to hook up the RVs once they are parked. Janelle and Christine get to sleep in the RVs while Meri and Robyn have scored hotel rooms. Why am I not surprised that those two won't be bunking in the RV park? Day two is going to involve four hundred miles of travel. It's also Truely's fourth birthday. The Browns are very reflective regarding last year's health scare. Christine is far more excited to celebrate at the Route 66 Diner than Truely. That evening, the browns are met with snow, and Robyn is cussing up a storm over the winter weather. I have a feeling that side of Robyn comes out a lot more often when the cameras aren't around. Kody then totally loses it when the sewage valve pretty much explodes on him. It's quite the shiz show…literally! He blames his sons for the mishap before storming off drenched in poo. Poor Meri and half the kids are wandering around in the snow wearing sandals and shorts. 

The weather clears up the following day as the Browns head to Texas for some competitive eating. Kody and Janelle hit the gym beforehand. The family hits up an Amarillo, Texas steakhouse for a 72 ounce steak challenge. Of course, it's not just steak. The meal consists of four pounds of meat, a loaded baked potato, a salad, some shrimp, and a roll which have to be eaten in under an hour. Kody, the older boys, and Madison all step up to the challenge, and they are getting the sweats. It's $72 for each plate, but if they can finish the meal, it's free. Christine loves free stuff. Unfortunately, no one finishes the challenge. Robyn's son is the last one to throw in the towel fork. The family's entire bill had to have been well over $500. Ridiculous. 

Christine is in awe of how much easier this road trip is than their last time–until it's time for the family prayer when son Garrison calls one of his sisters "stupid." It's a lesson in team parenting since the kids in question are from two different wives. Poor Cindy is wondering what she signed up for, isn't she? Garrison later apologizes on his own and the family pulls over to eat on the side of the road and slide down an embankment on paper plates. Worst vacation ever, and it's only halfway over!


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