Kourtney, Kim, Khloe Kardashian Dash Store Miami Opening

If the Kardashian girls are famous for anything, it’s for famewhoring and a golden shower sex tape their strong work ethic and the sense of power they try to instill in other women. At the forefront of their empowerment movement is mom Kris Jenner, and, according to Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe Kardashian, she’s been their best role model as a business woman.

The sisters will slap their names on anything that stands still long enough, be it dolls, clothing, or make-up. They are entrepreneurs, y’all. Kim doesn’t even care much about the reality shows as they are just a marketing vessel for the Kardashian brand. She’s a damn evil genius, isn’t she?


Us Weekly has the breakdown of their recent chat with CNBC while the eldest sisters were promoting their new baby line at Babies ‘R Us in Manhattan. Crediting their success to Mommy Dearest, Kim shares, “My mom kind of taught us girls we could have it all. You know, she works hard. She taught us that if you work hard, it’s just all about prioritizing.”

Hard work comes with a price, especially when you want to spend time with your new family. Unfortunately, duty calls, or should I say Kim calls…the paparazzi…from her speed dial. Maintaining that kind of work ethic is difficult, and Kim admits, “It could get tough after you have a baby. There [have been] so many times when I just didn’t want to get up and work on something,” confessing, “I just wanted to be home with my baby, but for me, I think I can speak for my sisters, it makes us feel good when we are out working.”

Of course, it’s all about priorities, and Kim states, “You know, now that I’m married, I would so much rather spend time with my husband, my family, and my baby, than run around the world working for other people.”

She reveals that having a baby and getting married (again) has changed the way she approaches business. For example, Kim claims that she and her sisters have “stopped putting our names on things.” Could’ve fooled me! She claims, “Last year, we reevaluated what our brand is and what it stands for. We really wanted to only be involved in things… that we’re extremely passionate about and something that we own…. We would totally be open to collaborations, but we genuinely only want to take part in things that we own and have ownership in [as long as] that means something to us…I think our brand is all about empowering other women to be successful.”

I’ll give you a minute to stop laughing before I continue…

Kourtney agrees, adding, “We always say we’re a brand for our fans, because through social media, we’re so lucky to see what people are asking us for and what they’re looking for.”

But wait! What about spin-off after spin-off after wedding special after holiday program? Kim stresses, “It is a struggle. We started off opening up our Dash clothing store over a decade ago, and that’s where we really started off in fashion. We’ve always been really hard-working girls, and we were fortunate enough to have a TV show. We did it for the thought of bringing publicity and awareness to our clothing store, so fashion has always been our number one… You know, we are businesswomen, we’re entrepreneurs.”

As for the family’s haters, Kim dismisses them completely (I’m hurt), responding, “I think when you do have a reality show, people assume that it’s just a ton of bar fights and it has this negative connotation. In actuality, we definitely do fight and we’re really honest and open with our family life,” concluding, “We pride ourselves in doing that, but I think you can be both… There are so many grounds that we want to cross. People think that you can’t really be both at the same time, but we do our best to kind of break that.” Huh?

Entrepreneurs, and like, you know, scholars, too!


[Photo Credit: JLN Photography/WENN.com]

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