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How are we already at the end of the Sister Wives’ season? It’s reunion time, and Tamron Hall is hosting Kody Brown, his hair, and his four wives, and she is such a class act. Right off the bat, she revisits Meri’s decision to get a wet bar go back to college and Kody’s stick straight locks in the scene. Geez, it’s horrible. Kody is supportive of his first wife’s plan, but Robyn is just a ball of fun when she learns the news. The sighing and the jaw clenching is intense. Meri is tearing up just watching the playback of the situation. Robyn tries to clarify that she didn’t feel betrayed, but she did feel ditched. She doesn’t want Meri to find better friends outside of the family…um, these women aren’t friends. Christine thinks that Meri heading back to school is the best thing for Meri. Since Mariah left, Christine feels that Meri has disengaged, and fulfilling herself through college will be just what she needs to find happiness.

Next we go back to the time that Kody pounded on his chest and talked about hormone swapping through make-out sessions with Mykelti and her now former boyfriend. Kody is so proud of his little speech, and Robyn once again reminds us that pre-marital sex is bad, bad, bad. Christine loves that Kody makes kissing sound gross to potential suitors. Tamron looks perplexed by the entire conversation, and I can’t say I blame her. The topic segues to the importance of My Sister Wives’ Closet. Finally, Janelle speaks, and she looks amazing. Tamron chides Kody about his temper tantrum in the counseling appointment where he said he never got to be the leader of the family. He is constantly asking for permission from his wives and seeking a consensus. Robyn praises Kody for being a great leader. I wonder if she ever gets tired of constantly stroking his ego…


Tamron questions the wives as to Kody’s leadership skills, and Janelle reveals that more often than not, the women will stand up to Kody or disagree with him. Robyn wanes on and on about how hard it must be for Kody to try to please four wives at once, but Christine reminds her counterparts that he chose this lifestyle. Tamron couldn’t agree more. Kody knows what he was getting into, and he realizes that he married women with strong personalities. Every time Tamron asks a wife a question, Kody jumps in with a joke. Tamron has to keep telling him that she wasn’t speaking to him. 

The Brown’s awkward presentation to investors is highlighted. Of course, Kody believes that the investors’ critiques are unfounded. His family put together the most professional of pitches. Did he watch it? Tamron states that the funding was pulled, but Kody corrects her, saying it just hasn’t happened…yet. My Sister Wives’ Closet will be a Fortune 500 company one of these days.

When asked which wife most recently complained about not getting enough alone time with Kody, the Brown patriarch refuses to answer, saying that’s too intimate of a conversation to share with viewers. Tamron reminds him that he has TLC’s cameras following his every move. Janelle admits that she has felt that way recently, and both Christine and Meri concur. Robyn clearly hasn’t been complaining because Kody spends all of his time with her.

The fifth sister wife is revealed…Kody’s lovely locks. Meri admits to a crush on Keith Urban, but Kody can’t quite pull off the uber-straight ‘do. Christine prefers Kody’s shaggy everyday style, while both Janelle and Robyn are Team Ponytail. They’re kidding, right? Tamron likes the stick straight look because it makes her laugh. You and me both, Tamron. 

The Brown teenagers join Tamron next, and they really are such a good group of young adults. Mariah is sporting a new hair color and Logan is posting shirtless selfies. Tamron calls out the teens for their activity on social media where Hunter jokingly calls his female friends his wives. Logan and Hunter can’t see themselves living a plural marriage, but Mariah still wants sister wives. Aspyn one day wants to be married with children, and Mykelti still plans on raising adopted kids as a single parent. All of the kids think that kissing is okay, although the girls think feelings need to be involved. When Tamron asks if going past kissing is okay, there is radio silence until Mariah speaks up that she wouldn’t do anything more. Aspyn and Hunter explain that it’s love, not marriage, that is important when making decisions about sex and how far to go in relationships.

Tamron then visits with some of the younger Brown kids. Clearly, Tamron realizes that the wives aren’t interesting enough to carry the whole hour. These kids are following in the footsteps of their older siblings. They are smart, articulate, and cute. They enjoy growing up with so many brothers and sisters.  After a quick segment, Kody and his wives are back, and I think that Tamron takes a lot of pleasure showing the reel of Kody getting covered in sewage on their RV adventure. Christine then leaves the set after getting uncomfortable about questions of Kody fathering more children. Tamron shares that Robyn specifically told her off camera not to ask any baby questions. So, is she pregnant? 

Finally, Tamron brings up the Richards family. She is quick to tell viewers that despite how the episode portrayed it, the Richards do not share a bedroom. Tamron looks very confused by all of the craziness. Kody then reveals that he will likely never take a fifth wife. He looks utterly exhausted from the four he already has!


[Photo Credit: TLC]

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