On this episode of LeAnn & Eddie, we see the LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian take a trip to Nashville. We meet LeAnn’s father and get to see her perform at The Grand Ole Opry. I actually found this episode to be very, dare I say it, enjoyable. And I swear it wasn’t just because Eddie gets thrown off a horse. Let’s get started!

The show kicks off with LeAnn packing for her two day trip to Nashville. She has a huge suitcase full of items, including a bikini. Eddie comments on how he has packed everything he needs in one small bag. LeAnn responds by saying that she is a girl and she can’t just wear the same thing everyday. Eddie says that Albert Einstein wore the same thing everyday and he was a genius. LeAnn says if she were to wear sweats and a ponytail everyday, Eddie would divorce her, to which he quickly replies, “But do you know how much brain power you would have?”

In the car ride to LeAnn’s dad’s house, she and Eddie discuss how out of place he is in Tennessee. Eddie says he doesn’t have an issue with Tennessee, he’s just really scared of her dad. He has seen LeAnn’s dad wrestle a steer to the ground with a cigarette in one hand. LeAnn talks about how her dad took her coon hunting when she was four or five years old and she killed a raccoon with a shotgun. Of course, this was before she knew any better. LeAnn shares that she is also a little nervous to see her dad, as they had a very publicized lawsuit regarding him mismanaging her career. They are in a much better place now though, as long as they avoid certain topics.


 The couple pulls up to Wilbur’s (LeAnn’s dad) place and there is a huge tour bus that LeAnn had brought to their front yard for her and Eddie to stay in. Wilbur greets the “city folks” and comments that he wishes they had a bus that nice when they were out touring, back in the day. They check out the inside of the bus and LeAnn announces that she has to leave to do some interviews. Wilbur says that he’ll take good care of Eddie.

Eddie thinks there are two kinds of respect when dealing with his father-in-law. One is respect for how well he treats his daughter and the other is cowboy respect. He’s looking to gain some cowboy respect on this trip. The first cowboy task that Wilbur has for Eddie is shooting some clay disks. Cameron is LeAnn’s young nephew and he’s a hoot. Eddie says, “This is how you shoot in the movies,” and promptly misses, to which Cameron replies, “This ain’t the movies.” He cracks on Eddie the entire trip. Can he please be in every episode? Eddie tries to make up for his lack of skills by telling us that he has been in a movie with Chuck Norris. He follows this up with some lame Chuck Norris jokes, ie: “Chuck Norris uses his beard to sharpen knives.”


Meanwhile, LeAnn is interviewing at CMT Radio Live. She talks about breast cancer charities and how one of her largest musical influences is Patsy Cline. The interviews end up taking so long that she isn’t able to spend time with her dad that day. In the tour bus bed, Eddie and LeAnn discuss his time with her father. Eddie is still hoping to win him over tomorrow.

The next morning, Wilbur and Cameron are trying to teach Eddie how to use a lasso. LeAnn is on her way to do a soundcheck, but has Eddie hold her purse while she shows off her roping skills. Eddie says that this did not help his image with Wilbur at all. He hopes to show off when they are horseback riding because he’s ridden a horse many times in movies. (Does anyone know which movies? I’m genuinely curious.) Unfortunately, his plan does not work out, as he manages to make the horse mad and get thrown off. Cameron is really letting him have it for this one. I don’t think Eddie will be earning the cowboy respect this visit.


LeAnn is getting ready for her performance, when Eddie comes in limping from his horse injury. This will be the first time that LeAnn’s dad has seen her perform in a long time, so she is a little nervous. Her performance is great. Eddie comments that he never gets tired of her singing. LeAnn’s dad tells her she did a good job and this means a lot to her.

Back at the house, LeAnn apologizes to her family for not having more time to spend with them. Wilbur plays the guitar while LeAnn sings one of the first songs that he taught her, “Jesus Loves Me.” He tells her how proud of her he is. I have to comment that it really is remarkable that they were able to get past the lawsuit and have such a good relationship.

On the next episode of LeAnn and Eddie: LeAnn “accidentally” tweets a picture of her @$$ ? Hmm.. I’ll be looking forward to that one!


Recap Author: Cecile O’Neil

Photo Credit: VH1

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