Blind Man's Buff

We have two new blind items this week, both from Crazy Days & Nights.  Take a look and give us your best guesses.  If you missed teh recently revealed blind item that was rumored to be about Joanna Krupa, check it out. 

Blind #1:   This Real Housewife celebrated her soon to be divorce by getting some new breasts which is something her cheating husband said he never wanted her to do. Oh, look for the divorce announcement to come with the news that all the property is divided.


Blind #2:  This A list reality star who used to be a really bad B list television actress starves herself on a regular basis and has for years. Now, some company is paying her to be skinny. They are going to say she uses their product to stay skinny. She loves it because now she has an answer when people ask if she ever eats. I smell lawsuits a plenty.

Give it your best shot! 


Photo Credit: Getty Images



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