Former Real Housewives of Atlanta could-have-been-regular cast member Amiyah Scott was supposed to be a fixture on the Bravo hit reality show but was reportedly, so put off by the producer’s antics, she called it quits.   Despite all of the show’s fanfare and praise for featuring Amiyah, as its first transgender cast member in the franchise, she refused to be the stereotype that the show’s producers wanted her to portray according to TMZ.

Amiyah had actually made the one month of filming mark on RHOA. When the show’s plots smacked of devious underpinnings like producers wanting to sexualize Amiyah and have her act “like a vixen” which was not in her character, her patience grew thin. The news outlet then claims, the actress went on to reveal how producers wanted to make her look like the “bitch of the cast,” when she instead strived to become a transgender role model.

Despite the fact Amiyah refused to play ball with the RHOA powers that be in order to keep her integrity intact, she took the high road and opted to not slam the experience but to make her point clear.  She is passionate about the fact that trangenders are human beings, who should be respected and not stereotyped stating:

“My point in this is to say, me filming with the #RealHousewivesOfAtlanta was not for attention, but to assist in breaking a stereotype. Trans women are not only sex objects or prostitutes. We are strong, educated & human just like everyone else. AND WE ARE HERE AND WE DEMAND RESPECT. And whatever I have to do to assist in that I will and won’t regret it.”

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As far as regrets, well, Amiyah certainly will not have any, as when one door closes, another opens! The young beauty was recently cast in famed director Lee Daniels’ new hit “Empire” series spin-off about the younger years of lead character, Cookie Lyon.


(Photo credit:  Instagram)

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