RHOA’s Kenya Moore’s “Boyfriend” Faking For The Show; Plus Kim Zolciak Would Love To Return For Season 6 After Quitting Season 5!

Those Bravo ladies will do just about anything to have a story line, but Kenya Moore, the newbie from Real Housewives of Atlanta, is taking it to a whole new level by casting her own boyfriend and future hopeful fiance!  Now Walter Jackson is speaking out about his acting gig as Kenya's beau.

Kenya has gained quite a reputation for her flirting thus far this season, and her entire presence on the show revolves around her hope that Walter will soon put a ring on it.  But guess what?  Walter claims it is all a farce!  Sure, he dated Kenya…but according to him it was three years ago for just a couple months.  What?  I just love love the drama…and the honesty!  Find out about the craziness after the jump, as well as the latest and greatest on Kim Zolciak.


In a recent radio interview, Walter opens up about his time on the show, and he drops a giant bombshell that he was acting the entire time and was not, in fact, dating Kenya while filming RHOA.  Well, that totally explains why her flirting didn't bother him in the least!

Speaking with Atlanta's V-103 radio show, Walter shares that his romance with Kenya this season was faker than Kim's hair.  WIG!  He says that after not hearing from Kenya for years after a brief relationship, she texted him to tell him about her move to the Peach State.  Walter recalls, "[She told me], 'I’m going to be doing this show. What do you think of reality TV?'

His response?  “I don’t know.  That’s kind of a stretch there.”

Kenya then ventured, “What if you play my boyfriend on the show?”  And a star is born!

Walter said that although he agreed to "act" as her boyfriend, he was shocked when she kept pushing marriage in their scenes.  When he didn't propose and Kenya attributed his aversion to marriage to the fact he was gay, Walter was floored.  He reveals, “I”m well established here. Gay has never been in the block. Why she would say that, I don’t know.”

Walter is now dating a younger woman.  Of the fauxmance, he reveals that Bravo producers had no clue.  Walter is happy with how he was portrayed on RHOA, and he explains, “I’m laid back. They did a great job. I’m not here to bash the show. It was our secret.”

Moving on to Kim news, Hollywood.com recently interviewed WIG! and she shared plans of a possible return to RHOA.  Kim also said that her dream house was almost ready.  Sure it is, Kim.  She confirms a second season of Don't Be Tardy For The…Whatever, and shares that she isn't opposed to a RHOA return.  She says of season six, "I won't be pregnant! I've been pregnant for the last two years. I can handle my own over the five years [of taping the show], but when I'm pregnant I try to keep myself calm because I have another life to take care of. If I'm taping and I'm not pregnant, I'll be back to my fiery self."

Kim adds, "I had blood pressure problems. Filming is stressful, you know. I got to the point, where I had enough. The last thing I wanted, I didn't want to put my son in my stomach in jeopardy."

One last Kim tidbit is hilarious, so feel free to laugh.  She admits, "I don't like confrontation and it's always been hard when there are fights, I get so irritated by it. Being on the bus with Nene [Leakes], she's someone you have to watch out for. She can be physical. It's one thing to be in a argument, it's another thing to get physical."  Yeah, Kim hates confrontation about as much as I hate winning lottery tickets.

At least Kim can laugh about her wig pull with SheBySheBroke Sheree Whitfield.  She jokes, "I think the most talked about [fight] was when Sheree pulled my wig, which was funny. It wasn't funny at the time, but it's funny now." Funny?  Try hilarious!


[Photo Credit: WENN.com]