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Below Deck recap

On last night’s Below Deck, love was in the air for Valentine’s Day. And Kate Chastain decided it was her turn to play Cupid! As both the coordinator of the charter guests’ engagement dinner and the mastermind behind Ben Robinson’s slick move to win over Emily Warburton Adam, Kate had her hands in everyone’s emotional business. (At least she didn’t have her hands all over Ro anymore, as most of us are still recovering from last week’s eternal public makeout session.)

Meanwhile, Captain Lee Rosbach still has a bee in his bonnet about Kelley Johnson’s ability to bosun up. Kelley doesn’t do himself any favors this week when he practically crashes the tender into the sea pool, the yacht, everyone on board…you know, just a minor slip up in the day of a yachtie! Oh – and Kyle Dixon decides it’s time once and for all to club his Alaskan faced woman over the head and drag her back to his cave (er, bunk). A dizzy Sierra Storm has no chance to escape The Kyle. The Kyle is a’comin, and he’s a’comin with no Wellies this time!


Kate Chastain battery case

Below Deck viewers just saw Kate Chastain get a surprise visit from her now ex-girlfriend Rocio Hernandez aka Ro on the most recent episode. They were lovey dovey and all over each other, which is such a stark contrast from where they are in “real time” these days.

Kate was charged with battery after she allegedly attacked Ro in June and the case is set to go to trial. The trial is scheduled for November 7th after the state formally charged Kate with battery domestic violence and domestic battery by strangulation.


Captain Lee

It’s no secret that Captain Lee Rosbach was all over the crew of Valor on Below Deck this week, and more specifically, all over newly appointed bosun Kelley Johnson. Lee claims the entire crew is indeed struggling, and took to his blog to break down this week’s performance and drama!

“Wow, this week is really something else. I have no frigging idea where to start. We had a lot of stuff going on, and plus we had a charter break out in the middle of it all,” admits Captain Lee. Although the charter guests were fun, he observes, “The crew, however, is struggling just a bit, and there are a variety of reasons.”


Below Deck Recap

Oh no! New deckhand Kyle Dixon has only been aboard Valor for mere days and already he’s popping his shoulder out of joint trying to do a good job! Thank goodness Lauren Burchnell was on the scene last night to wedge that baby right back in there. She’s kicking arse and taking names this season, for sure. But there’s not much Lauren can do when the charter guests get stuck out on a coral reef, fearing for their lives after a bit of drunk swimming.

Captain Lee Rosbach is not so thrilled with first time bosun Kelley Johnson’s performance, especially when it comes to window cleaning – or, more to the point, Kelley’s attitude about being called out about it. Meanwhile, chef Ben Robinson was catapulted into an alternate reality on Below Deck this week when chief stew Kate Chastain brought girlfriend Ro aboard for a visit, leaving Ben to wonder – what’s this chick got that I did not have?!? Poor Ben. Poor Ben’s ego. Sigh.


Below Deck Season 4

Below Deck Mediterranean hit the airwaves this past summer, presenting another look at the Below Deck franchise in other waters. Kate Chastain, the awesomely snarky chief stew on Below Deck’s original series, gave Bravo her take on the Med spinoff and its season one cast members. Her basic assessment: They were great! Oh, except for Bryan Kattenburg. Yeah, he still sucks.

Kate especially loved seeing friend and coworker Ben Robinson star in the crossover series, especially enjoying his prowess with the ladies. She jokes, “I was just talking to Ben two days ago and said, ‘You know, [the] next season you do, you need to go for [hooking up with] three cast members in one season – like the Ben Grand Slam.”


Kelley Johnson

It was a little surprising that Kelley Johnson returned to Below Deck after a less than favorable appearance on season two. To put it mildly, people were not a fan of Kelley’s and no one was over him more than Captain Lee Rosbach. It’s tough to turn back once you piss off such a resolute figure like the Captain, but Kelley took that chance and decided to return for another season. He opened up about the reality check that he got watching himself on season two and why he actually decided to put himself in this situation again.

This season has only just begun, but so far it seems like Kelley made a good move returning to the show since he is getting a much more flattering portrayal this time around. Even the Captain is buying what Kelley has been saying.


Below Deck recap

Last week on Below Deck, we waved goodbye to Trevor Walker with our middle fingers and saw Sierra Storm break down in tears over a high stress night in the kitchen with Ben Robinson. Now, Miss “I Need To Have Positivity Around Me” is thinking about leaving because of her super special hurt feelings.

But before anyone can muster any forced sympathy for Sierra, they’ll have to adjust to a new deckhand on board. And he’s here to add more complexity to the already messy love triangle (growing quickly into a trapezoid!) on Valor. It’s gonna be stormy seas, folks!



It’s safe to say that Trevor Walker getting a plane ticket home on this week’s Below Deck was foreseen by all. Well, except maybe Trevor himself! The SENIOR deckhand – recently demoted to regular old deckhand just before his much deserved firing – spoke with Bravo recently about his short, yet insanely offensive stint on the show this season.

Does Trevor have any regrets about his behavior, especially about the hideous final moments that led up to his firing? Not really. He claims, “I don’t have many regrets other than possibly having a bit too much to drink.” Thus, we can assume Trevor has learned zilch, zero, nada after viewing his drunken rants televised. Interesting.


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